Residence permit for the purpose of freelance or self-employment - Issuance at the location Foreigners Office (Ausländerbehörde) Berlin, location Friedrich-Krause-Ufer

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Current information on this location

  • Here you can receive the following services.

  • For any other services or requests (especially for Blue Card EU, students, scientists, au pairs, extension of Schengen-visas) please go to our other service building at Keplerstraße 2 in Berlin-Charlottenburg

Opening hours

07:00 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.
07:00 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.
By appointment only
10:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.

Payment options

You can pay in cash or with a debit card (Girocard) (with PIN) at this location.

Additional information

Photo booth and copier (charge) are located at the cashier (house A, first floor).

Residence permit for the purpose of freelance or self-employment - Issuance

Issuance of a residence permit to work as a self-employed or a freelancer


  • Economic interest of the state of Berlin
    A residence permit can be issued to a foreigner for practicing a self-employed occupation if there is an economic interest or a regional need.
  • Main residence in Berlin
  • A personal interview is required
    The interview should, if possible, take place by appointment.

Documents required

  • Valid passport
  • 1 current biometric photo
    35mm x 45mm, frontal shot with neutral facial expression and closed mouth, looking straight into the camera, light background
  • the form “Antrag auf Erteilung eines Aufenthaltstitels" (Application for Issuance of a Residence Permit)
    Only required for first-time application
  • Company profile
    Not required for freelancers
  • Businessplan
    Not required for freelancers
  • Business concept
    Not required for freelancers
  • Capital requirement plan
    Not required for freelancers
  • Financing plan
  • Revenue forecast
  • Curriculum vitae
    Details of professional career, qualification certificates, diploma, references/sponsors
  • Professional permit
    If a permit is required for the freelance occupation, e.g. a license to practice law
  • Health insurance
    Proof of a secure livelihood must also include sufficient health insurance. Those with statutory health insurance are sufficiently insured. Those with private health insurance must consider the type and extent of their health insurance. For more information, please read the leaflet "Information on adequate health insurance".
  • Lease or proof of home ownership
  • Adequate pension plan
    Only if you are above the age of 45:

    An offer from a private pension or life insurer must be submitted which guarantees

    • a monthly pension of 1,188.92 euros after the age of 67 (for at least 12 years)
    • or guarantees an asset amount of 175,068 euros.

    Alternatively, evidence can also be provided from currently available assets.

    Proof of a pension plan is not required for these nationalities: Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Turkey and the United States of America

    Note: An adequate pension is always necessary for the issuance of a permanent residence permit - regardless of age or nationality.
  • Proof of main residence in Berlin
    • Certificate of registration at the main residence or
    • lease and written confirmation of occupancy from the landlord


From 1 September 2017:
  • 56.00 to 100.00 euros (depending on the technical effort)
  • For Turkish citizens: a maximum of 28.80 euros

Average time to process request

The residence permit will generally be issued as an adhesive label in your passport. Electronic residence permits can at the moment only be issued in exceptional circumstances.