Employment - Change of employer at the location Berlin Immigration Office, Friedrich-Krause-Ufer

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Current information on this location

  • Please pay attention to the current information on our website.

  • Due to the corona pandemic, we have had to switch our operation largely to online and written procedures in the last few months. From 7th September onwards Berlin Immigration Office will re-open for regular customer appointments. For reasons of protection against infection our primary focus remains on service by appointment.

  • Please understand that, in order to protect against infection, we can’t serve you if you do not wear a mouth-nose covering or are displaying symptoms of infection.

Opening hours

07:00 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.
07:00 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.
By appointment only
09:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.
By appointment only

Information for customers with an appointment

Please pay attention to the current information on our website.

Payment options

You can pay in cash or with a debit card (Girocard) (with PIN) at this location.

Additional information

Photo booth and copier (charge) are located at the cashier (house A, first floor).

Employment - Change of employer

  • Do you have a residence permit for the purpose of employment or an EU Blue Card?
  • Does your work permit specify a particular company?
  • Do you want to change company?

Then please apply to have your residence permit for the purpose of employment or EU Blue Card amended. Please note, however, before our instructions.

Note: Your residence permit for the purpose of employment/your EU Blue Card does not have to be amended, if you

  • have already worked for at least two years with a residence permit for the purpose of employment or
  • you have resided continuously in Germany for at least three years with a residence permit (except for study)


  • in addition, no time limit is fixed by law for your type of employment (such as, for example, in the case of speciality chefs or within the framework of an exchange of personnel of an internationally operating company).

You can then move to another skilled employment without prior approval. The Foreigners Registration Office will provide you with written confirmation of this on request.

  • Do you still work for the same employer, but something has changed, for example the name of the company or of your job? Also in this case your residence permit EU does not need to be changed. Then please read our "fact sheet for foreign workers" (see below in section "More information").


  • Possession of a valid residence permit for the purpose of employment or an EU Blue Card
    Your residence title needs to be changed? Then we recommend to book an appointment for the reissue (see below bookable services in the section „More information“).
  • Work permit is limited to one company and you want to change company
  • Main residence in Berlin
  • Application
    You can also send the application by e-mail, fax or post. But we recommend an appointment booking.

Documents required

  • Form "Antrag auf Erlaubnis einer Beschäftigung" (filled out)
  • Form "Stellenbeschreibung" (filled out)
  • Employment contract
  • Passport
    If you apply in writing, submit copies of your passport as well.
  • Proof of main residence in Berlin
    • Certificate of registration at the main residence or
    • lease and written confirmation of occupancy from the landlord


  • If the residence permit or EU Blue Card needs to be amended: free of charge
  • For issuing a certificate: 18.00 euros
  • If the residence permit needs to be extended: 49.00 to 96.00 euros (depending on the technical effort)
  • If the EU Blue Card has to be extended: 96.00 euros

Responsible authority

The location Keplerstraße is only responsible for this service if you have one of the following residence titles:

  • EU Blue Card (Blaue Karte EU)
  • Residence permit for the employment as an au pair, scientist, visiting scholar, academic staff or for an internship

The location Friedrich-Krause-Ufer is only responsible for this service if
  • you have a residence permit for another employment.

Your residence title was issued by our Business Immigration Service?