Permanent settlement permit for children (aged over 16)

Granting of a permanent settlement permit for foreigners
  • who were born in the federal territory
  • or who were minors when they moved to the federal territory with or to join their parents,
  • have possessed a temporary residence permit for at least five years, and
  • have reached the age of 16.


  • At least 16 years old
    A child does not become eligible to obtain a permanent settlement permit until it has reached the age of 16.

    Foreigners who have reached the age of majority may also receive a permanent settlement permit on this basis, provided they travelled to the federal territory to join their family and the first issue of a temporary residence permit was before they reached the age of 18.
  • 5 years in possession of a valid residence permit
    The residence permit must have been issued for family reasons and must have been available for at least five years without interruption.

    Minors must already have the residence permit at the age of 16 for 5 years.
  • Education or secure livelihood
    The child must be completing a vocational training course that will lead to a recognised school, professional or academic qualification.
    This applies in case or ordinary and regular
    • school attendance,
    • company apprenticeship,
    • degree course.
    Vocational preparation, basic vocational training or an internship do not lead to a recognised professional qualification.
    Where the child is not completing a vocational training course, its subsistence must be ensured without public benefits according to the Social Code II or XI (citizen’s benefit (Bürgergeld) or social welfare).
  • No criminal record
    Even fines may prevent the granting of a permanent settlement permit.
  • Main residence in Berlin
  • Personal appearance with an appointment together with the parents
    • Children aged between 16 and 17 are not permitted to place their applications themselves. They must therefore be accompanied by at least one legal guardian.
    • In most cases the legal guardians will be the parents with joint custody rights or one parent with sole custody rights.
    • Only children that have reached the age of majority (aged 18) are permitted to come alone.

Documents required

  • Valid passport
  • 1 current biometric photo
    35mm x 45mm, frontal shot with neutral facial expression and closed mouth, looking straight into the camera, light background
  • Proof of secured livelihood (original)
    Where the child is not completing school, vocational or academic education, proof that its subsistence is ensured must be submitted, for instance:
    • contract of employment, certification from the employer or ongoing employment (not older than 14 days) as well as payslips since the last issue of a temporary residence permit, or
    • documents confirming income from self-employment.
    The parents of children that are not completing a school or vocational education must submit proof of subsistence.
  • Qualifications
    The following must be submitted
    • for schoolchildren: all school reports and a current certificate of attendance
    • for apprentices: the apprenticeship contract, apprenticeship reports and a current certificate of attendance from the training institution
    • for students: a current certificate of enrolment and proof of progress (e.g. passed intermediate examinations, credit points or similar).
  • If necessary: written power of proxy from one parent.
    Where the parents have joint custody rights, they must attend the appointment together and jointly place the application for their minor-age child (refer to the section "Requirements").

    Where one parent with custody rights is unable to attend the appointment, he or she must issue a power of proxy for the other parent with custody rights. This power of proxy allows the other parent to apply for the permanent residence permit on behalf of their mutual child.


In principle, the obligation to pay the processing fees arises as soon as an application is received. A repayment is not possible even if the application is withdrawn if the substantive processing has already begun (examination of the necessary residence times and/or examination of the documents sent or sending an appointment for an interview). The fees are:

  • EUR 55.00: for minors (EUR 27.50 upon receipt of application and EUR 27.50 upon grant)
  • EUR 113.00: for adults (EUR 56.50 upon receipt of application and EUR 56.50 upon grant)
For Turkish nationals:
  • EUR 22.80: up to the age of 24 (EUR 11.40 upon receipt of application and EUR 11.40 upon grant)
  • EUR 37.00: from the age of 24 (EUR 18.50 upon receipt of application and EUR 18.50 upon grant)

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