Gastronomic trade - register for the certificate of instruction

You need a restaurant permit (concession) if you want to serve alcohol in your establishment. A restaurant licence will only be granted if you can show a certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) about the gastronomy instruction. The certificate of instruction is valid nationwide and is valid for an unlimited period.

The principles of food handling are taught to you in the course of instruction by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). The topics covered include hygiene regulations, food law, beer, wine and milk law, and beverage facility law. The Chambers of Industry and Commerce conduct the training on food and hygiene regulations and issue a certificate ( instruction certificate) for this purpose. The instruction is usually held in German.

The restaurant instruction is provided and certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).
  1. You register for the instruction at an IHK.
  2. The instruction is organised by the IHK and lasts approx. 4-5 hours.
  3. You will receive the certificate after the instruction.
  4. The certificate must be presented when applying for a restaurant permit.

You can be exempted from the gastronomy instruction on application if you have already completed certain state-recognised training professions with an examination before a chamber of commerce and industry, chamber of handicrafts or a guild of handicrafts and the contents of the gastronomy instruction were the subject of the training and examination.


  • Appearance in person
    You must attend the instruction in person.

Documents required

  • Registration for the certificate of instruction for gastronomic trade
    Only online possible
    You must register for this on the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Berlin's (Industrie- und Handelskammer or IHK) registration portal.
  • Photo ID for identification at the time of instruction


  • EUR 100.00: Gastronomy instruction
  • EUR 330.00: Gastronomy instruction with interpreter

Average time to process request


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