Gastronomic trade - apply for permit

You operate a gastronomic trade, if you commercially:
  • serve drinks (Schankwirtschaft) or prepared meals (Speisewirtschaft) for consumption on the spot in a stationary trade (i.e. in a fixed place of business)
  • in an itinerant trade (from a fixed place of business only for the duration of an event) serve drinks or prepared meals for consumption on the spot.
The establishment must be accessible to everyone or to a specific group of people.

If you want to operate a gastronomic business serving alcohol, you generally need a permit for your gastronomic business (gastronomy trade permit).

You do not need a permit if you serve:

  • non-alcoholic drinks
  • free samples
  • prepared food, or
  • give drinks and prepared food to house guests in connection with an accommodation business.
  • give drinks and prepared meals to house guests.

Independently of the gastronomy permit discussed here and depending on your offer, you may have to fulfil further registration and permit obligations, for example according to the Trade Regulations.

The permit is issued for a specific type of business (e.g. pub, discotheque, dance club, snack bar) and is only valid for the premises used for the business. A building permit may also be required.

Permission is also required for any extension of the gastronomic business and any alteration of the premises.

In the case of civil law partnerships and commercial partnerships, a separate permit is required for each partner. In the case of legal entities and associations without legal capacity, on the other hand, only a single gastronomy permit is required.

If you want to take over an existing licensed gastronomic business from another person, you can be granted a provisional permit on revocation (usually for 3 months) until the final gastronomy permit is issued (see "More information"). With this permit, the business can also be taken over at short notice.

A deputy permit should be applied for, if you want the gastronomy to be run by a deputy who is also to act responsibly towards authorities and institutions. The deputy must fulfil the same criteria regarding personal reliability and suitability as you yourself.

Online Verfahren

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Online processing


  • Personal reliability
    Reliability is checked on the basis of various forms of evidence. The applicant must provide information from the Federal Central Register (certificate of good conduct) and information from the Central Trade Register.
  • Expert knowledge
    Proof of undergone training regarding relevant knowledge about food safety regulations.
  • Suitability of rooms and location
    The rooms used for gastronomy business must be suitable for the type and extent of the intended use. For example, the premises must meet the requirements of the building regulations established to protect the health and life of guests and employees. In addition, no harmful environmental effects may emanate from the business. Requirements for accessibility are also checked.

Documents required


EUR 100.00 to EUR 1,500.00 depending on effort

Average time to process request

approx. 3 to 5 weeks

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Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The application for a restaurant permit must be submitted to the public order office in whose district your business premises are locally located.

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