Explosives - Apply for a storage licence for explosive substances

You require a licence for the construction and operation of warehouses in which explosive substances are to be stored. You must also obtain authorisation for significant changes to an existing storage facility.


1. submit an application for authorisation or modification of a storage facility for explosive substances. You can do this in writing by post, fax or e-mail to sprengstoff@lagetsi.berlin.de.
  • If you store a net explosive mass of 10 tonnes or more, you must apply for a permit in accordance with § 4 of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) from the Senate Department for Mobility, Transport, Climate Protection and the Environment. This licence is then also valid as a licence under the Explosives Act.
  • If you only wish to store small quantities, you do not require a licence. You can check whether small quantities are involved in your case in Annex 6 (for commercial storage) and Annex 7 (for non-commercial storage) to the 2nd Explosives Ordinance (under "Legal bases").
2 Your application will be reviewed.
3. you will receive a notice with precise details (requirements and conditions) on the content and scope of the licence for your storage facility.

Documents required

  • Application for authorisation or modification of a storage facility for explosive substances in accordance with § 17 SprengG
    Submit the application in writing by post (in duplicate), fax or e-mail to sprengstoff@lagetsi.berlin.de.
  • Valid authorisation
    Permit in accordance with § 7 SprengG or § 27 SprengG or no permit is required (for permit-free handling)
  • Map with marked deposit
  • Construction documents
    Building description, construction method or similar
  • Fire protection concept
    Fire protection concept according to industrial building guidelines with floor plan and location of safety equipment
  • Type approval
    If you use components or systems (in particular cabinet storage systems) that have been approved for the storage of explosive substances, the type approval is required.
  • For changes to an already authorised warehouse: Warehouse permit
    with a detailed description of the intended changes as well as the address and contact person of the warehouse


  • EUR 200.00 to EUR 970.00 (depending on the storage quantity)
  • up to EUR 2500.00: for considerable expenditure in the commercial sector
  • up to EUR 1250.00: for considerable expenditure in the non-commercial sector

Average time to process request

4 - 8 weeks

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