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Crafts - apply for a certificate of registration with the Chamber of Crafts

About the registration in:
  1. the register of craftsmen,
  2. the directory of crafts not requiring approval, and
  3. the register of trades similar to crafts
the competent Chamber of Crafts shall issue a certificate.

The certificate shall state:
  • Name and address of the owner/business,
  • date of registration,
  • the craft or trade to be operated,
  • the place of business,
  • if several crafts subject to registration are practised: name of the persons who fulfil the requirements for registration (e.g. company manager).

The validity of a craft or trade card already issued is confirmed again with the certificate. You can use this certificate as proof for submission to other authorities (e.g. your health insurance fund or participation in public tenders).


  • Registration with the Chamber of Crafts

Documents required

  • Craft card/trade card
    Copy of the valid crafts card or trade card with indication of the registration number (Betriebsnummer).



Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The certificate is available for businesses with their registered office or commercial branch in the Berlin Chamber of Crafts district from the Berlin Chamber of Crafts.


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