Craft card - certificate of registration in the craft register

The competent Chamber of Crafts issues a certificate of registration in the Register of Crafts (craft card).

The following are entered in the craftsman's card:

  • Name and address of the holder
  • Headquarters
  • The trade to be practised
  • Where there is more than one craft subject to authorisation: These crafts and the date of registration
  • Where appropriate, the name of the manager of the establishment or the general partner responsible for technical management

With the craftsman's card, the holder can identify himself as a registered craftsman's business.


  • Master craftsman examination
    Anyone who can prove that they have passed a master craftsman's examination in the craft to be practised or in a technically related craft is entered in the Register of Craftsmen.
  • Study focus on crafts
    Graduates of universities and technical colleges, if the focus of their studies can be assigned to the craft trades, are entered in the register of craftsmen.
  • Exercise authorization/ Exception permit
    Anyone who has an exercise authorization/exception permit in accordance with §§ 7a, 7b, 8 and 9 HwO is entered in the register of craftsmen.

Documents required


  • EUR 15,00 to EUR 280,00

Responsible authorities

The craftsman's card can be obtained from the Berlin Chamber of Crafts (Handwerkskammer Berlin).

Please note:
If the entry in the register of craftsmen is deleted, the craft card must be returned to the Chamber of Crafts.

Handwerkskammer Berlin