Residence permit for Swiss nationals and their family members - Transfer to a new passport

You possess a temporary residence permit (Switzerland) and have received a new passport or Swiss identity card? In this case you are entitled to receive a new temporary residence permit (Switzerland).
In most cases the new temporary residence permit (Switzerland) will be issued as a folding card. Issue as an electronic document is currently only possible in particular, exceptional cases.


  • Possession of a residence permit for Swiss nationals and their family members
  • New passport or Swiss ID-Card
  • Main residence in Berlin
  • On-site
    The residence permit can only be transferred on site. Please make an appointment. At the appointment, you can also be represented by another person, if you give this person a written power of attorney.

Documents required


The following fees are assessed based on the actual technical effort when transferring the residence permit.

For Swiss nationals:
  • Until the age of 24: 8.00 to 22.80 euros
  • From the age of 24: 8.00 to 28.80 euros
For family members who are not Swiss nationals themselves:
  • Adults: 12.00 to 67.00 euros
  • Minors: 6.00 to 33.50 euros

Average time to process request

In general, the transfer may be made immediately upon appointment.