Security guarding business - permit

You require permission, if you intend to protect the life and property of third parties on a commercial basis. Security guarding requires for guarding activities to be performed (monitoring or controlling). The guarding activities must have the objective to protect people from threats to health, life or freedom or to protect property against loss, destruction or damage. The guarding activities must be performed by human beings. Mere surveillance, observation or investigation activities (e. g. detective agencies) or mere provision of space (e. g. deposit boxes) do not require permission.

In the case of business partnerships (e. g. GbR, OHG, KG), each managing partners is considered a business person. In the case of legal entities (GmbH, UG or AG) permission is granted to the company.

Online processing

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  • Personal reliability
    Reliability is verified based on various documents. The competent Public Order Office must obtain at least one unrestricted record from the Federal Central Criminal Register (extended certificate of good conduct) and one excerpt from the Commercial Central Register as well as a statement from the police branch that is responsible for the place of residence, from a central police station or the responsible criminal investigation office for the respective federal state.
  • Orderly financial circumstances
    It is verified whether the applicant is in debt (of a private or public nature) or if there are any known insolvency proceedings.
  • Expertise
    Proof of successfully passed examination of competence before a Chamber of Industry and Commerce or a similar approved professional qualification.
  • Sufficient insurance cover
    Proof of professional insurance cover for the business

Documents required


Rate: EUR 80.00 to 2000.00

Average time to process request

1 month

Responsible authorities

The permit must be applied for with the competent Public Order Office for the place of business. If the place of business is not yet known, approval can also be applied for with Public Order Office that is responsible for the applicant’s place of residence.

You can also access this service online via the Business Portal of the Single Point of Contact.
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