Security guarding business - register for the expert knowledge examination

You have to pass the examination of competence for the security guarding business in order to carry out particularly conflict-prone and sensitive security activities or to be allowed to operate a security guarding business. After passing the examination, you will be entered in the so-called Security Guard Register. The certificate of competence is valid for an unlimited period and nationwide.

You must prove that you have passed the examination for the following activities in the guarding and security sector ( security guarding business):
  • Control patrols in public traffic areas or in areas of domicile with actual public traffic (city patrol, patrolling of public parks, shopping centres or in the suburban/underground area).
  • Protection against shoplifters (department stores' detective)
  • Guarding the entrance area of discotheques (doorman)
  • Supervision of refugee accommodation (reception centres or communal accommodation according to the Asylum Act or other official accommodation for asylum seekers or refugees).
  • Leading function in the guarding of access-protected large-scale events
  • Professionals ( security contractors, limited liability company managing directors, operations managers)

  • Theoretical and practical part of the examination.
You must first pass a written part (120 minutes, multiple choice), then an oral part. You should know German well in order to pass the exam. The examination is often the entry qualification for a job in the security sector. That is why many regions offer preparatory courses that can be subsidised. Information on this can be obtained from the employment agencies and job centres.

  1. Registration at an IHK
  2. Confirmation of registration/invitation to the examination date by the IHK.
  3. Passing the written part of the examination (120 minutes, multiple-choice)
  4. Passing the oral part of the examination
  5. Certificate of successful completion of the expert knowledge examination by the IHK
  6. Provision of the certification data for retrieval by the Security Guard Register
  7. Certification of the successful completion of the examination
There is also the certificate of instruction for guarding personnel. After instruction, you may only undertake simple guarding tasks. For the above-mentioned more difficult tasks, you have to pass the examination of competence. The training is also not sufficient preparation for the examination. However, passing the examination replaces the training for the guarding trade.


  • Appearance in person
    You must appear in person for the examinations.
  • Observe registration deadline

Documents required

  • Registration for the expert knowledge examination
    Only online possible
    You must register for this on the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Berlin's (Industrie- und Handelskammer or IHK) registration portal.
  • ID card with photo for identification at the examination
  • If necessary, further documents
    Possibly further documents according to the requirements of your Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)


  • EUR 200.00: initial examination
  • EUR 100.00: repetition of one part of the examination (written/oral)

Average time to process request

The certificate is normally available immediately or a few days after passing the oral part of the examination.

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