Gastronomic trade - apply for a provisional deputy permit

If you wish to take over a licensed gastronomic business from another person and operate it by deputy, you will need a provisional deputy permit on a revocable basis until the deputy permit is issued. The provisional deputy permit is issued to the (provisional) permit holder of the restaurant for a specific person who is to exercise the provisional deputy function. The temporary substitution permit shall not be granted for a period longer than 3 months. The period may be extended if there is an important reason.


  • Takeover of a gastronomic business requiring a licence
    You take over an already existing gastronomy spatially from the predecessor.
  • Provisional gastronomy permit of the holder
    The restaurant owner must have a valid provisional gastronomic licence or apply for one in due course.

Documents required

  • Application for a temporary deputy permit
    Informally in writing to the responsible public order office.
  • Identity document of the provisional permit holder and the provisional deputy permit holder
    Identity card or other official identification document containing a photograph (not required for electronic applications).
    Residence permit, if the applicant is not an EU national
  • Provisional gastronomy permit of the holder
    A valid provisional restaurant permit must be available or applied for in time.


Permanent permit: 17.00 to 93.75 euros per expense
Temporary permit: 17.00 to 31.25 euros per expense

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The application for a temporary deputy permit must be submitted to the public order office in whose district your business premises are situated.

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