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Apply for recognition of foreign professional qualifications (EU/EEA/Switzerland) as a specialist dentist

The profession of specialist dentist is regulated in Germany. This means: You need a permit if you want to use the title "Fachzahnärztin" or "Fachzahnarzt" for your specialization in Berlin.

With the training as a specialist dentist you have acquired a medical specialization for your qualification as a dentist abroad. To work as a dentist in Germany, you first need your license to practice medicine or a professional license. In order to work as a specialist dentist in Germany, you must also apply for recognition of your further training as a specialist dentist. This allows you to use the title "Fachzahnärztin" or "Fachzahnärztin" in your respective specialization.

Note: You may only use the designation for your specialization if there is a corresponding continuing education designation in Germany. Permission will be granted upon application in Berlin by the responsible Chamber of Dentists in Berlin after review of your documents and requirements.

1. you submit your application and the required documents to the Berlin Chamber of Dentists. If necessary, you will be asked to submit any missing documents.

2. the procedure of automatic recognition often applies. This means: your professional qualification is recognized without an individual equivalence test.
The Berlin Dental Association decides on the recognition of the area designation on the basis of a review of the continuing education success by means of a collegial expert discussion.
The review is carried out by a further training/examination committee of the Berlin Dental Association.

3. if you started your further training before the EU/EEA accession of your training state, you must prove that your professional qualification meets the minimum EU standards ("certificate of conformity"). This is certified by the competent authority of your training state. If your professional qualification does not meet the minimum standards, you must prove your professional experience. For this purpose, you must have worked in the profession in the country of origin for an uninterrupted period of 3 years within the last 5 years prior to submitting the application.

3.1 If your professional qualification is not automatically recognized, your education will be checked individually. The competent body will then check whether your professional qualification is equivalent. The professional qualification is equivalent if there are no significant differences between your foreign professional qualification and the German professional qualification.
If your specialist dental qualification is recognized, you can work in the profession in Germany. You will receive a notice.

3.2. If significant differences are found, the equivalence of your specialist dentist qualification will not be certified: you will receive a justification. You can take an aptitude test to prove the lack of knowledge.

Qualifying Examination:
The purpose of the test is to determine whether you have acquired the special or additional knowledge and skills required for recognition.
  • You will be examined orally in front of an examination board, usually for 30 minutes.
  • You will then receive written notification of the result of the examination. The exam may be repeated a maximum of two times.

If you successfully complete the aptitude test, you will receive recognition. You may then use the designation "Fachzahnärztin" or "Fachzahnarzt" for your specialization.

4. You can take legal action against the decision of the competent authority within a certain period of time (e.g. file an objection). The decision is then reviewed. Details can be found in the instructions on legal remedies at the end of your decision. We recommend that you first speak to the competent authority before taking legal action against the decision.


  • License to practice medicine/ approbation
    You must already have a state professional license (approbation) valid in Germany as a dentist or a professional permit.
  • Equivalence of your professional qualification
    If your degree is not automatically recognised, you must provide evidence of the equivalence of your professional qualification as a medical specialist.
  • For the online application: registration/login to the service account Berlin (Service-Konto Berlin)

Documents required

  • Application for recognition
    possible online; or you can submit a written application by post.
    • For the online application: Please have all the required documents and evidence ready to upload in PDF, JPG, JPEG or PNG format. A single file can be no larger than 3 MB.
  • Curriculum vitae
    Curriculum vitae in tabular form with information on completed further training and professional experience
  • Proof of identity
    Identity card or passport
  • License to practice medicine or professional permit
    Proof of German license to practice medicine or professional license and proof of equivalent level of education and training
  • Proof of qualifications
    Further training certificates and certificates of professional practice
  • Declaration on previous professional recognition procedures
    Declaration as to whether you have already submitted an application for recognition to another dental association
  • More documents
    Die folgenden Dokumente brauchen Sie nur You only need to hand in the following documents if the competent authority asks you to do so:
    • *Certificate of Conformity
    • Evidence that you have actually and lawfully practiced the profession for at least 3 consecutive years during the last 5 years before the certificate was issued
  • German translation
    If your documents are not in German, you must submit German translations of your documents. The translations must be made by translators who are publicly appointed or authorized.


EUR 100,00 to EUR 640,00 Euro, per effort

Average time to process request

Usually within 3 months after receipt of the complete documents.

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The application for recognition of a foreign professional qualification as a specialist dentist must be submitted to the Berlin Chamber of Dentists.


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