Recognition of foreign professional qualifications - Childhood educationalist (Kindheitspädagoge/in)

Childhood educationalists perform research in the fields of childhood development, nurturing and education. They draw up support concepts for children, provide advice in parenting matters, and take on management roles in educational facilities.

As a childhood educationalist you could work, for example, at a daycare centre, an all-day school, in the area of early childhood support, or at welfare institutions such as family support centres.

As a childhood educationalist you are also qualified to lead groups, projects and facilities.

Social-education professions are regulated in Berlin and in Germany. This means that to perform such jobs you require state approval. This approval can be granted, if you apply for your professional qualification to be reviewed to determine equivalence. The review of equivalence takes place based on the provisions of the law regarding the recognition of qualifications in caring professions (Sozialberufe-Anerkennungsgesetzes (SozBAG)).


  • Foreign professional qualification
    You have acquired a comparable professional qualification as a childhood educationalist in another country
  • Application for determination of equivalence
    You have not applied for recognition in another federal state to date.
  • Personal suitability
    According to § 5 of the law regarding the recognition of qualifications in caring professions (SozBAG), state recognition cannot be granted if you have been found guilty of any serious offences that are associated with untrustworthiness to practise the profession. To verify this, we require an extended certificate of good conduct for presentation to an authority pursuant to § 30 a of the Central Federal Register Law (BZRG). Any previous convictions are listed on the certificate of good conduct. State recognition can be granted if the certificate of good conduct has no entries.
  • German language skills
    To receive state recognition, your German skills must be at least at level C1 of the common European framework of reference for languages.

Documents required

  • Application
    (under ‘Online Processing’ or ‘Forms’)
    A completed and signed application form declaring that you have not submitted an application for determination of equivalence in another federal state.
  • Curriculum vitae
    An up to date curriculum vitae in tabular form in German (listing your education, training and work experience).
  • Identity document
    Copy of your identity document or other official identification document containing a photograph.
    Your residence permit if already present, and provided that you are not a citizen of an EU state.
  • Evidence of the intention to perform gainful activities in the State of Berlin
    • A copy of your police registration in the state of Berlin (registration with the registration office) if you already live in Berlin (see ‘Further Information’).
    • If you are not yet a resident of Berlin, you will need evidence of your intention to work in Berlin. This could be a copy of an employment contract or evidence of contact with an employer in Berlin. At the very least, we will require a statement that you intend to work in Berlin.
  • Evidence of your foreign professional qualification
    A copy of your certificate of your professional qualification in the original language, including a detailed overview of teaching subjects and hours (diploma supplement/study book) in theory and practice.
    Please enclose a German translation of these documents.
  • Certificate of marriage, if applicable
    A copy of your marriage certificate is only required, if it is associated with a change of name. Please enclose a German translation of these documents.
  • Other evidence of work experience, if applicable
    Further evidence of relevant work experience and other evidence of competence, e.g. references from employers, professional training measures, courses or other seminars
    Please enclose a German translation of these documents.
  • Evidence from the country of origin, if applicable
    Evidence of your qualification to practise the profession in the country you have trained in is only required, if the profession is regulated in this country
    Please enclose a German translation of these documents.
  • Documents in German
    • You must present your documents in German. Translations must be prepared by publicly appointed or authorised translators.
    • Translations of foreign documents that are not written in the Latin alphabet must also include a transliteration of the professional title pursuant to the ISO standard.
    • No German translation is necessary for any documents that were originally issued in English.


EUR 96,00

Average time to process request

usually 3 months, provided that all documents are available in their entirety

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

You can only submit your request for determination of equivalence in Berlin, if you intend to work in this regulated profession in Berlin in the future.

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