Recognition of foreign professional qualifications - Teacher (Lehrer/in)

Teachers prepare and hold lessons at different types of school. In Berlin these are:

• Primary schools
• Integrated secondary schools and Gymnasiums
• Vocational schools and
• Special-needs schools

School types or their names may vary between different federal states.

Teacher educate and train children, adolescents and adults of various age groups. They hold lessons to impart knowledge and specific skills to their students. Teachers also encourage independent thought and work. Education includes the promotion and support of students in subject-related and personal matters, as well as dissemination of socially accepted behaviour and values.

The profession of teacher (‘Lehrer/Lehrerin’) is subject to state regulation in Germany. Teachers must have specific qualifications and meet certain requirements. These are necessary to be attested ‘teaching competence’. Those who have been granted ‘teaching competence’ (‘Befähigung für ein Lehramt’) can work as teachers in Germany.

You can also work as a teacher in Berlin, if you acquired your professional qualifications abroad. To be able to do so, you must seek recognition of your professional qualifications.


  • Foreign professional qualification as a teacher for state schools
    You have completed training and are fully qualified to work as a teacher in another country
  • Berlin as a place of work
    You would like to work as a teacher at a state school in the State of Berlin

Documents required

  • Application for recognition of foreign teaching qualifications
    (under ‘Online Processing’ or ‘Forms’)
  • Identity document
    Passport or identity card
  • Curriculum vitae
    Curriculum vitae in tabular form including the date and your signature
  • certificate of marriage
    certificate of marriage or other document proving the change of name
  • Evidence of formal qualifications
    • University entrance qualification certificate
    • Certificates, reports and any other evidence needed abroad to acquire professional qualification as a teacher
    • Overview of subjects and results (diploma supplement, transcript, study book, etc.)
  • Evidence of work experience (if available)
    Evidence of the duration and scope of teaching activities including information about subjects and age groups you have taught
  • Evidence of language skills (if available)
    C2 Goethe Certificate - Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom
  • Recognition or equivalence notice, if applicable
    Notification of recognition or determination of equivalence of the foreign teaching qualification, if a decision has previously been made in another state of the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • Translations of the documents
    • German translations must be enclosed of any documents that were not issued in German. Translations of any reports, documents or other official evidence of school, higher education or professional qualifications must be prepared by a sworn translator.
    • Translations of foreign documents that are not written in the Latin alphabet must also include a transliteration of the professional title pursuant to the ISO standard.


  • EUR 55.00 for a brief assessment or if the application is rejected
  • EUR 222.00 for a detailed assessment

Average time to process request

The Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family will confirm within one month that your application documents have been received, and will request any missing documents.

A decision is made within four months of receipt of all application documents by the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family.

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Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family is the competent authority for recognising foreign teaching qualifications in Berlin. You can seek advice here, even before you submit your application.

Comprehensive information, also in English, is provided on the website of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family.

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