Register of intermediaries IHK - Registration

The chambers of industry and commerce keep a register of intermediaries.

Holders of one of the following licences must be entered in this register:
  • Insurance broker (§ 34 d GewO),
  • Insurance consultant (§ 34 d GewO),
  • Financial investment brokers (§ 34 f GewO),
  • Fee-based financial investment consultant (§ 34 h GewO) and
  • Real estate loan broker (§ 34 i GewO)
as soon as you become active in a commercial capacity.

  • The register contains the following data:*
  • For natural persons: surname, first name, date of birth and name of the company
  • For legal entities: Family and first names of the natural persons who are responsible for the intermediary activities within the organ of the company responsible for the management
  • Type of permit
  • Address of the competent registration authority
  • In which EU and EEA Contracting States the applicant will be active
  • Addresses of possible branches abroad
  • Company address
  • Register number
  • In the case of tied and product-processor insurance intermediaries: the insurance undertaking assuming liability.

Consumers and insurance companies can thus check who, where and to what extent is authorised as an intermediary.

Attention: If you violate the registration obligation, you can be fined up to 5,000 Euros.


  • 1.a) You have a permit as:
    Insurance intermediary (§ 34 d GewO), Insurance consultant (§ 34 d GewO), Financial investment intermediary (§ 34 f GewO), Fee-based financial investment consultant (§ 34 h GewO) or Real estate loan intermediary (§ 34 i GewO)
  • 1.b) You have been exempted from the permit requirement
    Mainly concerns product-processing insurance intermediaries
  • 2. You are actively pursuing the activity on a commercial basis
  • Note
    Tied insurance agents can alternatively apply for registration via the instructing insurance company.

Documents required

  • Registration application
    completed application form (under "Forms")
  • Permission/Exemption
    Copy of the licence document or, for product-related insurance intermediaries: proof of exemption from the licence
  • Business registration
    Copy of the business registration
  • If applicable, extract from the commercial register
    If you are registered in the commercial, cooperative or association register, please also submit a current extract from it.
  • If applicable, for cross-border activities
    If you want to operate also in other member states of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA): additionally the form "Activity in other EU member state" (under "Forms")


  • 35,00 bis 155,00 EUR, depending on the type of entry in the register

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The application is received by the regulatory office responsible for the place of business. Entry in the Register of Intermediaries is performed by the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce for commercial enterprises with their registered office in Berlin.

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