Event - Apply for a permit

You can obtain a permit for events that are to take place on public streets or squares, for example for
  • street parties
  • Parades
  • flea markets
  • Sports events
  • Soapbox races
  • Music event (open-air)


  • Insurance cover
    At least liability insurance is required. Depending on the type of event, accident insurance may also be required.
  • Timely application
    Submit the application up to 9 weeks before the event.

Documents required

  • Application for authorisation of an event
    The application form is currently only available from the competent authorities.
  • Site plan
    Sketch of the event location with everything that is to be set up for the event, for example: stands, tables, benches, tents, stage.
  • Traffic sign plan, if applicable (5 copies)
    If the traffic routing is to be changed.
    For example, it may be necessary for the event,
    • close roads or,
    • set up no-stopping zones.
    In such cases, we require a sketch of the surrounding area with all traffic signs, traffic lights and other traffic facilities required for the event.
  • Organiser's declaration
    Event special use within the meaning of § 8 FStrG
    Exclusion of liability due to breach of the duty to maintain road safety.
    Declaration of § 29 para. 2 StVO (liability insurance)
  • Proof of insurance cover
    for example by a confirmation from the insurance company or by a copy of the insurance contract
  • Estimate of the number of visitors
    Number of expected participants, spectators and other visitors (estimate, informal on A4 paper)
  • Consent of data subjects, if applicable
    Depending on the location, type and scope of the event, you may require the consent of affected persons and organisations, for example
    • the consent of the neighbourhood
    • the consent of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) if bus or tram traffic is affected
    • the consent of the fire brigade for a bonfire or fireworks display
  • Authorisation of public outdoor events (noise protection)
    if disturbing noises for third parties are to be expected from them (in accordance with § 11 of the Berlin State Immission Control Act)
  • GEMA membership, if applicable
    if you want to play or perform music
    Anyone who wants to play or perform music in public in Germany generally becomes a GEMA customer.
  • More documents
    Further documents may be required in individual cases. Please enquire with the responsible authority in good time.


  • This form is currently only available from the competent authorities


  • depending on the size of the event
  • Non-profit organisers may be exempted from part of the fees.

Average time to process request

4-9 weeks

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

You can apply for the service at the district office where the event is taking place.

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