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Single Point of Contact

The Single Point of Contact Berlin (EA Berlin) is the central contact point and information source as well as a companion during various processes regarding issues of economy and business related administration.
Please contact the Single Point of Contact directly, if you have any questions regarding procedures and formalities, about the exercise of service activities or regarding the approval of your foreign professional qualifications.
The online platform of EA Berlin provides for fully digitised applications for certain issues.
An overview of all online procedures can be found below under " More information".

Online processing

Service provided online


  • No prerequisites

Documents required

  • Depending on the issue
    Different documents are required subject to your concerns. It depends on each individual case which documents are needed and will transpire during the respective process. The Single Point of Contact will provide information about required documents upon request.


  • The Single Point of Contact Berlin does not charge any fees.
  • Using the information provided by the EA Berlin and any information issued is free of charge.
  • Depending on the respective issues, statutory administration fees may be charged by the relevant authorities.