Auctioning business: Notification of holding an auction am Standort Ordnungsamt Mitte - Arbeitsgruppe Gewerbe

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  • Bezirksamt Mitte
  • Ordnungsamt Mitte - Arbeitsgruppe Gewerbe
  • Karl-Marx-Allee 31 10178 Berlin
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  • Arbeitsgruppe Gewerbe
  • Tel.: 030) 9018-22010
  • Fax: (030) 9018-23781

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Additional information

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Payment options

  • Barzahlung
  • Girocard (mit PIN)


Auctioning business: Notification of holding an auction

The auctioneer must submit notification for each auction at least two weeks prior to the intended auction date. Notification must be submitted to the competent Public Order Office for the district in which the auction will be held and to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Berlin. The notification must be submitted in writing or electronically and must include information regarding the place, time and type of goods auctioned.

In exceptional cases, in particular if the goods to be auctioned are perishable, the authority may shorten the two week notification period upon request.

No notification is necessary for auctioning agricultural inventory, agricultural and forestry products or livestock.

Only second-hand goods must be auctioned. Exceptions apply for new goods or consumable items, for inherited goods, insolvency assets and goods that are auctioned in the course of a business termination or goods sold at public auctions, due to legal provisions.

Sie können diese Dienstleistung auch online in Anspruch nehmen

Online processing

  • Do it online
    To use online processing, you must first register with a citizen or company account and can then log in with your access data.


  • Valid permission for auctioning business activities
  • For online applications: registration/login via BundID

Documents required

  • Notification - holding of an auction
    Online möglich oder Sie nutzen das Formular
    • schriftlich oder elektronisch unter Angabe von Ort, Zeit sowie Angabe der zu versteigernden Waren
    • Nutzen Sie bitte den Mustervordruck zur Anzeige (unter "Formulare")
  • Auctioning permit
    Proof to be provided by presenting the permission certificate or a copy thereof


  • none: Notification of the auction
  • 14.32 Euro: Urgent auctions with shortened two-week notice period

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The notification must be submitted to the competent Public Order Office for the place in which the auction is held as well as to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Berlin.


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