Itinerant trade - Notify activities that do not require an itinerant trade card

A travel business card is not required for certain itinerant activities. These are called activities that do not require a itinerant trade card. These activities are exempt from the obligation to obtain a itinerant trade card.

In the municipality of Berlin, this concerns, for example:
  • the distribution of foodstuffs or other goods for daily use, if these are distributed by non-fixed, i.e. mobile, sales outlets at regular shorter intervals at the same place.
  • the offering for sale of printed media on public paths, streets, squares or other public places, e.g. newspaper vendors.

For all other activities in the travel business, you must otherwise apply for a permit (an itinerant trade card) (see "More information").

  1. You notify the competent public order office that you wish to carry out an activity that is exempt from the requirement for an itinerant trade card. For the notification, use the prescribed official forms in accordance with the Trade Notification Ordinance.
  2. The competent public order office will check your notification and confirm receipt.

Important note:
You also have to register if
  1. you change the subject matter of the trade or expand it to include goods or services that are not customary in your previously registered trade or if you move your place of sale within Berlin.
  2. you completely give up your itinerant trade card-exempt activities or move to a place of sale outside Berlin.

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Online processing


Documents required

  • Business registration for activities exempt from the itinerant trade card
    Possible online or you can use the form.
  • Identity card
    Identity card or other official identification including a photograph


  • 26.00 Euro - per singular business, per partner of a partnership
  • 31.00 Euro - legal entity with 1 legal representative
  • 13.00 Euro - each additional representative of a legal entity
  • 20.00 Euro - per business re-registration
  • free of charge - business deregistration
  • 15.00 Euro - business registration and re-registration in the electronic procedure (online processing)

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Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

You have to notify the local public order office (Ordnungsamt) responsible for the place of sale in Berlin that you are exercising an activity that does not require an itinerant trade card.
Please always tick field no. 24 "im Reisegewerbe" (in the itinerant trade) in the forms when reporting an activity that does not require a Itinerant trade permit.

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