Re-register trade

A business re-registration is always necessary if you move an already registered independent business with a fixed place of business (in the so-called "standing business") within Berlin or if you change your business activities.
This is the case if:
  • Relocation of business within Berlin.
If you move the headquarters of your business or a branch or dependent branch of your business to a new location within the municipality. The business re-registration must then be submitted to the Ordnungsamt (public order office) in whose district your new business location is located.
  • Change in commercial activity.
If you change the goods or services of your trade. Example: The activity as a travel agency is discontinued and the business is continued as a newspaper business.
  • Expansion of commercial activities.
If you additionally offer goods or services that are not customary in your previously registered trade. Example: The activity as a travel agency is to be continued and is expanded to include the sale of magazines.

You can also voluntarily report other changes with the business re-registration. For example, if your surname has changed due to marriage or if you no longer practice individual registered activities in your trade and would like to delete them from the trade register.

  • If you move the head office of your business or a branch office or dependent branch of your business to a new location outside the municipality (business relocation outside Berlin), the business must be deregistered in Berlin and re-registered in the other federal state (at the new location) (see " More information).
  • When taking over an existing business, joining as a new managing partner or converting a business into another legal form, a business registration is required (see " More information).

The competent authority also forwards the trade re-registration to other offices such as the tax office, the chamber of crafts or the chamber of industry and commerce, the registration court and the employers' liability insurance association. The purpose of reregistering a trade is to enable the competent authority to monitor the exercise of the trade and to conduct statistical surveys.

Online Verfahren

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Online processing


  • You want to relocate your already registered business within Berlin or change the commercial activity.
    Traders are natural persons or legal entities (joint-stock company, limited liability company, registered cooperative or registered association, partnership limited by shares).
    The following persons or their authorised representatives must re-register:
    • sole traders: the sole trader,
    • partnerships (e.g. OHG, GbR): the managing partners,
    • KG: each personally liable partner, the limited partners of a KG only if they have power of management.
    • Corporations (e.g. GmbH, AG): the legal representatives (managing directors, board of directors).
  • The business re-registration must be submitted at the same time
    The business re-registration must be submitted at the same time as the relocation to another district (within Berlin), or if the commercial activity of your business changes.

Documents required

  • Trade re-registration
    Online possible; or you can use the form for business re-registration.
  • Identity document
    Identity card or other official identification document with photo (not required for electronic application). Residence permit if the applicant is not a national of an EU country.
  • Up-to-date excerpt from the Trade Register
    Registered companies please submit a current excerpt from the commercial register as proof of the power of representation.
  • Supplement for authorised representatives
    For business re-registrations of legal entities with several authorised representatives


  • EUR 20.00 - per trade registration
  • EUR 15.00 - trade registration in the electronic procedure (online processing)

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The public order office of the district in which your company's registered office is located.

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