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Itinerant trade - Apply for an itinerant trade licence

If you offer for sale or sell goods commercially outside your business establishment or without having a business establishment without a specific order in advance:
  • offer goods for sale; or
  • solicit or purchase orders; or
  • offer services or seek out orders for services,
you are operating a itinerant trade and require a permit for this from the competent public order office (itinerant trade card).

This includes in particular activities such as:
  • visiting homes or businesses (door-to-door sales) without prior order,
  • the offering of goods and services on the street or in public places,
  • entertaining activities as a showman or in the manner of a showman (shops typical of folk festivals).

Any expansion of the commercial activity or the goods and services offered is subject to renewed approval and will be added to the existing itinerant trade card upon application.

The itinerant trade card is valid nationwide.

If you employ workers, they require a duplicate or certified copy of your itinerant trade card.
The itinerant trade permit, or a copy or duplicate, must be accompanied during the itinerant trade activity.

Activities that do not require an itinerant trade card
For some activities you do not need a itinerant trade card.
This applies, for example, to:
  • the distribution of foodstuffs or other goods for daily use, if these are distributed by non-stationary, i.e. mobile, sales outlets at regular shorter intervals at the same place,
  • the offering of printed matter for sale on the street (mobile newspaper sales).

In these cases, you only have to register this trade with the public order office responsible for your place of residence as a so-called itinerant trade card-free activity (see " More information)". There is no examination of personal reliability in these cases.

Sie können diese Dienstleistung auch online in Anspruch nehmen

Online processing

  • Do it online
    Für die Nutzung der Online-Abwicklung müssen Sie sich erstmalig mit einem Bürger- oder Unternehmenskonto registrieren und können sich danach mit Ihren Zugangsdaten anmelden.


  • Personal reliability
    Reliability is checked on the basis of various forms of evidence. The applicant must provide information from the Federal Central Register (certificate of good conduct) and information from the Central Trade Register.
  • For online applications: registration/login via BundID

Documents required


  • EUR 40.00 to EUR 500.00 per effort
  • 50 of one hundred (50%) of the permit fee: alterations, extensions
  • EUR 8.00 to EUR 20.00 per duplicate: Copies for employees

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The application for a travel business card, a duplicate or a certified copy for employees must be submitted to the public order office responsible for the applicant's place of residence.


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