Money laundering prevention - Provide information as an obligated person

As an obligated person under the Money Laundering Act, you must inform the competent supervisory authority free of charge upon request:
  1. Provide information on all business matters and transactions; and
  2. Produce documents relevant to compliance with the requirements set out in this Act.
The documents to be submitted shall be provided in the original, in the form of copies or in digital form by electronic or digital storage medium.

The information and the presentation of documents shall be free of charge.

  1. You receive a request by post to provide information on business matters and transactions and/or to submit corresponding documents.
  2. You submit the requested evidence to the competent supervisory authority.
  3. The supervisory authority checks the information and documents.
  4. You receive a notification during and/or after the examination is completed.


  • Request by the authority to submit documents
    You have received a request for documentation from the competent supervisory authority.
  • Duty to provide information
    Only the following natural or legal persons ore partnerships are obliged to provide information:

    1. Financial undertakings
    2. Insurance intermediaries with their registered office in Germany or with their registered office abroad, provided they maintain branches in Germany
    3. Service providers for companies and for trust assets or trustees, if they provide the services specified in Article 2 paragraph 1 number 13 Money Laundering Act for third parties
    4. Real estate agents
    5. Bookmakers
    6. Dealers in goods, art brokers and art warehouse keepers if the warehousing takes place in duty-free zones
  • Authorized representative
    The person submitting the documents must be a member of the management level or internal/external money laundering officer of the company.
    The obligated person's legal counsel and/or tax advisor may also make the submission upon presentation of the original power of attorney and designation of the subject matter.

Documents required

  • Provision of information / submission of documents
    Depending on the individual request by the supervisory authority
    • If you have any questions, ask the supervisory authority responsible for you which specific documents you have to submit and which way is best for the transmission.



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