Register of Agents - Requesting information

You can check online via the Register of Agents whether an insurance agent/advisor, financial investment agent, fee-based financial investment advisor or real estate loan agent is actively registered there. The register is open to public inspection. The Chambers of Industry and Commerce keep the register of agents.

Please note that you may not be provided with information from the internal area of the Register of Intermediaries, which is only accessible to the licensing and supervisory authorities.

The following are subject to the obligation to register:
Self-employed insurance agents, insurance advisors, financial investment agents, fee-based financial investment advisors and real estate loan agents generally require a licence to exercise their activities. In addition, they must be entered in the register of agents in order to exercise their activity.

Procedure flow
  1. Search online in the Register of Agents. By entering the register number or using the advanced search function, you can also search by name and by address.
  2. If you do not have access to the Internet, you can also obtain the data visible externally in the Register of Intermediaries in the context of written information from the competent Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer or IHK).


  • No use for commercial purposes
    The use of the data for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Documents required

  • Application for information from the Register of Agents
    • Online processing is possible
    • For written information: Informal application in text form


  • none: online processing
  • EUR 15.00: written information from the IHK

Average time to process request

  • Immediately: Online processing
  • few working days: written information

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