Register of intermediaries IHK - report deletion

The Chambers of Industry and Commerce keep a register of intermediaries.
In this register the holders of one of the following licenses are listed:
  • Insurance intermediary (§ 34 d GewO),
  • Insurance consultant (§ 34 d GewO),
  • Financial investment brokers (§ 34 f GewO),
  • Fee-based financial investment consultant (§ 34 h GewO) and
  • Real estate loan broker (§ 34 i GewO)
as long as they are actively engaged in commercial activities.

If you cease your activity, you must report the deletion of your registration to the relevant Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


  • You are entered in the register of intermediaries and give up your activity.

Documents required

  • Notification of changes to the data in the register
    (completed application form)
  • If necessary, business deregistration
    Copy of the business deregistration
  • If applicable, extract from the commercial register
    If you are registered in the commercial, cooperative or association register, please also submit a current extract from it.


EUR 35,00, per person

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The application is received by the regulatory office responsible for the place of business. The deletion from the Register of Intermediaries is executed by the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce for commercial enterprises with their registered office in Berlin.

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