Bar Association - Admission after transfer of the seat of the law firm

The professional title of lawyer is protected in Germany. You may only use this professional title after receiving the admission certificate.

You must apply for admission after relocating your office, provided that your (main) office is in Berlin.


  • Successful completion of the second state law examination
    The qualification to hold judicial office (certificate of the second state law examination or of passing the aptitude test) must be available in accordance with § 4 BRAO.
  • Absence of a reason for refusal of admission
    There must be no grounds for refusal of admission pursuant to § 7 BRAO.
  • Proof of professional liability insurance
    Proof of the conclusion of professional liability insurance pursuant to § 51 BRAO or submission of a provisional confirmation of cover must be submitted. This can be submitted later, but must be available at the latest when the admission certificate is handed over.
  • Office location in Berlin
    After a successful relocation of the office, the (main) office is located in Berlin.

Documents required

  • Application for admission after transfer of the law firm's seat pursuant to § 27 (3) BRAO
    Submit the application with all attachments. The attachments must be also comleted and signed. The attachment Personal data sheet must be submitted with a photo.
  • Proof of birth certificate
    A copy of the birth certificate must be submitted.
  • Proof of non-lawyer employer
    In the case of any professional activity with a non-lawyer employer, the compatibility with the profession of lawyer must be examined in accordance with §§ 7 No. 8 or 14 Paragraph 2 No. 8 BRAO.


80,00 Euro

Average time to process request

Approx. 6 weeks

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The Berlin Bar Association is responsible for admission after relocation of the law firm.

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