Chancery Duty - Request for Exemption

In principle, there is a duty to run a law firm. Under certain circumstances (in the case of particular hardship), it is possible to deviate from this by applying for exemption from the duty to run a law firm.


  • Existing admission to the bar

Documents required

  • Application for exemption from chancery duty
    A written application for chancery exemption must be submitted.
  • Evidence to prevent hardship
    Appropriate evidence must be submitted to avoid hardship pursuant to § 29(1) BRAO, e.g. evidence in the case of illness or parental leave by means of a medical certificate or notice of approval of parental leave; evidence in the case of further training abroad by submitting a copy of the confirmation letter from the relevant university.
  • For a law firm abroad - law firm address
    The binding indication of the law firm's address abroad is required pursuant to § 29a (2) BRAO.



Average time to process request

Approx. 1 month

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The Berlin Bar Association is responsible for the application for exemption from the obligation to practise law.

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