Prostitution event – notification of organisation or holding at the location Ordnungsamt Mitte - Arbeitsgruppe Gewerbe

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Prostitution event – notification of organisation or holding

Prostitution events are events that are held for an open group of participants, during which sexual services are offered by at least one immediately present individual.

Anyone wishing to organise or hold a prostitution event must submit notification to the competent local Public Order Office, at least four weeks before the start of the event.

Prostitution events must only be held in suitable buildings, rooms, other stationary facilities or other mobile facilities (such as vehicles, ships, etc.). The operating location and operating hours must not be in conflict with the requirements for the protection of the prostitutes working at the prostitution event or their customers, of local residents and neighbours or the general public.
Approval for holding the prostitution event may otherwise be denied.
It is considered an offence, if notification is not submitted in time, not submitted truthfully, or not in full, and a fine of up to EUR 1,000.00 may be imposed for such offence.


Documents required

  • Event notification
    The notification must contain the following information:
    • full name of the operator holding the prostitution event,
    • exact place and time of the event,
    • the full name of the owner that is responsible for the buildings, rooms or other stationary or mobile facilities used for the event.
    Please use the notification template available from the forms section!
  • Licence for operating a prostitution business including operating concept
    Copy of the licence for operating a prostitution business including the corresponding operating concept.
    The operating concept must provide for an account of the fundamental characteristics of the prostitution premises and the arrangements for ensuring compliance with the obligations pursuant to the Prostitute Protection Act.
    Copy of the representation permit if applicable.
  • Event concept
    An event concept for the specific event.
    Before each prostitution event, the operator must draw up a specific event concept in addition to their general operating concept, outlining the spatial, organisational and temporal framework conditions of the respective event.
  • Written consent owner
    Approval from the owner for using the buildings, rooms or other stationary or mobile facilities for holding the event (e. g. copy of the tenancy / lease / user agreement)
  • Registration certificates / alias certificates
    Copies of the registration certificates and / or alias certificates of all prostitutes that are expected to be working at the prostitution event.
  • Agreements with prostitutes
    Copies of agreements / contracts concluded with the prostitutes for the event.
  • Valid operating licence / certificate of operability if applicable
    • If a prostitution vehicle is used as an event venue:
    Evidence of a valid operating licence and technical operability (e. g. copy of certification of the most recent general inspection, copy registration certificate part I, garage service record, or similar)


Between EUR 150.00 and 7,000.00, depending on the administrative effort

Average time to process request

approx. 4 weeks

Responsible authority

Notification for holding or organising a prostitution event must be submitted to the competent Public Order Office for the event’s location.