Insurance intermediary for product supplementary services - exemption from approval obligation

Independent professional insurance arrangement is generally a trade that requires approval and for which you require permission from the relevant Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
For certain insurance intermediaries only, there is the option to be exempt from this approval requirement upon application (insurance intermediaries arranging product supplementary insurance).

Insurance intermediaries providing product supplementary services are tradespeople who arrange product supplementary insurance in addition to their main activities. The term “product supplementary” must be interpreted in a very strict sense. The insured risk must result directly from the goods or services provided.
Product supplementary insurance in this sense could be the arrangement of car insurance in combination with buying a car or property insurance in the context of buying a property.
Arranging life insurance in the context of an investment consultancy, on the other hand does not meet the requirements.

Insurance consultant providing product supplementary services are obliged to seek registration in the directory of insurance intermediaries, immediately upon taking up their services. Failure to do so can result in an administrative fine.

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  • Insurance intermediaries can be exempt from the approval obligation upon application, if the following conditions are met:
    • Arrangement of insurances as a supplement to goods or services provided as a main business activity (accessoriness)
    • Performance of activities directly on behalf of one or more approved insurance intermediaries and / or one or more insurance companies
    • Proof of professional liability insurance
    • Declaration by the contracting party / parties stating that you are reliable and suitably qualified and that your financial circumstances are well-ordered.

Documents required


Exemption from approval requirement for arrangement of product supplementary insurance costs EUR 160.
The registration fee for the directory of insurance intermediaries is EUR 45
(see schedule of fees by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, legal and tax - 2. Insurance intermediaries and consultants).

Responsible authorities

The application for approval as an insurance intermediary must be submitted to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce that is responsible for the place of business. If the place of business is not yet known, approval can also be applied for with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce that is responsible for the applicant’s place of residence.

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