German Statutory Accident Insurance - Register a new company

Anyone starting a company is obliged to register with the relevant accident insurance institution within one week. This notification obligation also applies for freelancers and companies which are based abroad but have employees in Germany. The notification obligation also applies to companies without employees.

Accident insurance institutions include:
• Commercial employers’ liability insurance associations. These are divided into different industry branches.
• Public accident insurance institutions.
• Agricultural employers’ liability insurance associations.

It is legally provided that the employees of any company are covered by insurance.
In most cases, entrepreneurs or freelancers are not automatically covered by insurance. Only entrepreneurs of certain industries are automatically covered by insurance. All other entrepreneurs are provided with the opportunity to voluntarily take out insurance for the consequences of work and commuting accidents as well as occupational illnesses. They are able to apply with the relevant accident insurance institution.


  • Founding a new company
    Pursuant to § 192 SGB VII notification is compulsory when founding a company.

Documents required

  • Notification for statutory accident insurance according to § 192 SGB VII
    The following information is required:
    • personal and business related details (name, date of birth, address, legal status)
    • date of foundation or take-over of the company,
    • nature and object of the company (area of activity),
    • focus industry, if your company provides services in different sectors,
    • number of employees and starting date of employment.

    Please use the relevant form.



Average time to process request

approx. 2 weeks

Diese Dienstleistung können Sie auch online über das des Einheitlichen Ansprechpartners erhalten.

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Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

You are able to contact the responsible accident insurance institution directly via the freephone infoline for the statutory accident insurance (tel. 0800 60 50 40 4 or via email at
After consultation via the infoline, you will be directly connected with the relevant accident insurance institution.

If combined with a trade registration, this service is also available online or via the service portal of the Single Point of Contact Berlin. (see more information)

The Single Point of Contact Berlin will provide support when registering for the accident insurance. When registering a new company via the service portal, you are also able to submit notification for the statutory accident insurance. The umbrella organisation of the German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV) will forward your data to the relevant accident insurance institution immediately. You will then be contacted by this institution.

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