Registration of a business with monitoring obligation

Anyone wishing to operate a business with a monitoring obligation must provide proof of their personal reliability, in the form of a certificate of good conduct and an excerpt from the Central Commercial Register, in addition to a business notification. The following activities require monitoring pursuant to § 34 of the Trade Regulations (GewO):

  • Purchase and sale (second-hand trading) of
  • * valuable consumer goods such as entertainment electronics, cameras, carpets, etc.
  • * motor vehicles and bicycles
  • * precious metals or alloys containing precious metals and related products
  • * precious stones, pearls and jewellery
  • * waste metal
  • Information agencies, detective agencies
  • Arranging marriages, partnerships and acquaintanceships
  • Operating travel agencies and accommodation brokerage
  • Locksmith services, sale and installation of building security equipment
  • Production and sales of specific opening tools with a thievery context

This service is available online.

Online processing

Service provided online


  • No prerequisites

Documents required

  • Form for business registration
    (GewA 1 - in duplicate)
  • Statement of approval by the partners
  • Supplementary sheet representatives
    Supplementary sheet according to § 14 of the Trade Regulations
  • ID-Card of the German national
    Identity card or other official identification including a photograph
  • Excerpt from the Commercial Central Register
    Excerpt from the Commercial Central Register


  • natural entity (EUR 26.00)
  • legal entity with 1 representative (EUR 31.00)
  • each additional representative of a legal entity EUR 13.00
  • electronic registration: EUR 15.00 each

Legal basis

More information

Responsible authorities

You can register your business activities conveniently online, with the Single Point of Contact Berlin or the competent Public Order Office for the district of your future business premises.

You can also access this service online via the Business Portal of the Single Point of Contact.
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