Itinerant trade - extend itinerant trade card

If you offer for sale or sell goods commercially outside a commercial establishment or without having a commercial establishment without a prior order:
  • offer goods for sale; or
  • seek out (distribute) or purchase orders,
  • offer services, or
  • solicit orders for services,
then you are carrying on a travelling trade and need a permit for this, the itinerant trade card (see "More information").

If you change or expand the activities listed on your itinerant trade card, you can submit an application to the competent authority.


  • Personal reliability
    They must have the required reliability. Reliability is checked on the basis of various proofs.
  • Itinerant Trade Card
    You must already be in possession of a valid itinerant trade card.

Documents required

  • Application for amendment or extension of the itinerant trade card
    Make an informal, written application to the responsible public order office or use the application form.
  • Identity documents
    Identity card or other official identification document with photo (not required for electronic application). Residence permit if the applicant is not a national of an EU country.
  • Itinerant Trade Card
    Permission to operate an itinerant trade
  • Certificate of good conduct for submission to an authority
    To verify personal reliability, information from the Federal Central Register (certificate of good conduct) is required for submission to an authority (document type O). The information must not be older than three months.
  • Excerpt from the central business register for presentation to an authority
    To verify personal reliability, information from the central business register is required for submission to an authority (document type 9).
    The information must not be older than three months.
  • If necessary, current extract from the commercial register
    Registered companies please submit a current excerpt from the commercial register.
    Legal entities in the process of formation (GmbH, AG, UG) submit the notarised partnership agreement or articles of association as well as the declaration(s) of consent of all shareholders.
  • If applicable, certificate of instruction in accordance with the Infection Protection Act
    only required for the manufacture, treatment or placing on the market of foodstuffs within the meaning of §§ 42, 43 of the Infection Protection Act.
  • Professional liability insurance, if applicable
    Only required for showmen or activities in the travelling trade that are subject to insurance according to the showmen's type. Confirmation from an insurance company of the existence of professional liability insurance.
    The confirmation must not be older than three months.


EUR 20.00 - 500.00 per effort

Average time to process request

About 2 weeks

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The application for the extension of a itinerant trade card, a duplicate or a certified copy for employees must be submitted to the public order office responsible for the applicant's place of residence.

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