Weapons legislation – Applying for a special permit for carrying weapons at public events am Standort Waffenbehörde

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Weapons legislation – Applying for a special permit for carrying weapons at public events

It is generally not permitted to carry weapons at public events. Under certain circumstances, the weapons authority may allow exceptions. No risk to public safety or order may arise due to such exceptions. Please note that this type of permit is only an option in exceptional cases.

The special permit must be carried at the event and it is usually valid for particular events and for a limited time.

A special permit is not required for:
  • Theatre performances and similar performances. No special permit is required if those involved in such performances carry unloaded firearms or firearms with cartridge ammunition, or cutting or thrusting weapons for the purpose of a performance.
  • The same rule applies for equivalent portable items in the sense of weapons legislation.


  • You already have a firearms licence or an equivalent permit for carrying a firearm.
  • If you wish to carry another type of weapon, you must generally be authorised to acquire and own such items
  • Reliability
  • Personal suitability
  • You can provide evidence that weapons are necessary at the public event.
  • No risk to public safety or order may arise.

Documents required

  • Application for issuance of a special permit for carrying guns at public events
    The written application must be sent by postal mail, fax or email.
    • No form is required.
  • Surname, birth name and given names, date and place of birth and address, if applicable the company name and address of the security business
  • Identity card or passport as a photocopy or photograph
  • For firearms subject to a licence: photocopies of the arms possession card and firearms licence
  • For other weapon types: details of the type of weapons
  • Evidence that carrying weapons at the public event is essential.
  • For security companies: Contract for performing security tasks in the context of the event.


  • EUR 167.00: You will receive a notification of charges. Further processing will take place after receipt of payment.


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