Explosives - Apply for a licence to handle explosive substances (commercial)

Supervisors, in particular heads of operating departments, persons authorised to detonate, foremen, technical supervisory personnel in explosive ordnance disposal and warehouse managers as well as persons who are appointed to transfer explosive substances, to make them available to others or to receive these substances from others may only carry out their activities as responsible persons if they hold an official certificate of competence for handling and/or dealing with explosive substances in accordance with the Explosives Act.

Only natural persons may hold a certificate of competence for the handling and/or transport of explosive substances.


  • Expertise
    The applicant must prove that he/she has the necessary expertise. This is done by successful participation in a state-recognised training course in accordance with the provisions of explosives legislation.
  • Reliability
    As a rule, anyone who has been convicted of a crime or other intentional criminal offence and sentenced to at least 1 year's imprisonment in the 10 years prior to submitting the application does not have the required reliability. To verify this, the LAGetSi will make enquiries with other authorities.
  • Personal suitability
    The applicant must be personally suitable. Personal suitability includes physical suitability to handle explosives. Among other things, the applicant must not be legally incapacitated, addicted to alcohol, drugs, mentally ill or mentally ill.
    • The applicant will be invited to a personal interview by the authorities.
  • Minimum age
    You must have reached the age of 21.
  • Nationality
    German according to Article 116 of the Basic Law or EU national

Documents required

  • Application for the issue or renewal of a certificate of competence
    Completed and signed application form
  • Identity document
    Identity card or other official identification including a photograph
  • Proof of expertise
    Certificates from completed training courses or proof of professional activity.
  • Certificate of good conduct for submission to an authority for persons who are not German in accordance with Article 116 of the Basic Law (GG)
    To check the reliability of persons from another EU Member State, the applicant should be required to submit a certificate in the form of a certified translation from the competent judicial or administrative authority in their home country or country of origin concerning certain facts that are relevant to the assessment of reliability (e.g. extract from the criminal record). The certificate should not be older than 3 months. Otherwise, only facts that have been confirmed by the competent authority in the home country or country of origin may be regarded as evidence.


  • EUR 120,00: First issue
  • EUR 85,00: Extension

Average time to process request

4 - 8 weeks

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