Crafts - Shortening the duration of training

In certain cases it is possible to shorten the training period. As a rule, this is agreed between the company and the trainee before the start of the training and applied for by entering the reduction in the training contract with the Berlin Chamber of Skilled Crafts.

If the training in the same training occupation is continued in another company, the company training periods already completed can be fully taken into account for a reduction.

If there is no relevant prior vocational training, it may still be possible to contractually agree less than the training time stipulated in the training regulations. If both parties agree that all training contents can be taught and learned in a shorter time (both theory and practice), a reduction is possible for the following reasons and by the following reduction periods:
  • Secondary school leaving certificate: up to 6 months
  • Higher education entrance qualification: up to 12 months
  • completed vocational training in another occupation: up to 12 months
  • Age at start of training of more than 21 years: up to 12 months
If the company and the trainee decide to shorten the training period only after the start of the training, an application for shortening must be submitted to the Berlin Chamber of Skilled Crafts. It should be noted that one year of remaining training time must be left after the shortening has been completed.


  • Joint application for shortening the training period
    Both the training company and the trainee must agree to the reduction.
  • suitable reason
    There must be a suitable reason for the reduction and it must be demonstrable by appropriate evidence.
  • one year remaining training period
    A shortening of the training period may only be entered if one year of remaining training time remains after the shortening.

Documents required

  • Application for shortening the training period
    Please submit the completed and signed original application to the Chamber of Skilled Crafts Berlin.
  • Proof of the reason for shortening (copy)
    A copy of the evidence for the applicable reason for shortening must be attached to the application for shortening (school reports etc.).



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