Weapons legislation – Applying for an ammunition acquisition permit

The ammunition acquisition permit is a licence according to weapons legislation that authorises its holder to acquire and own ammunition.

An ammunition acquisition permit is granted for a particular type of ammunition if it cannot be entered on an arms possession card. Alternatively, ammunition collectors and experts can also request to have a collection area of area of expertise entered.

For acquiring ammunition, the ammunition acquisition permit is valid for a limited period of six years, however, it remains effective indefinitely with regard to owning such ammunition.

A security container without classification made of sheet steel and featuring a swing bolt lock or equivalent is the required minimum for keeping ammunition.


  • Minimum age: usually 18 years
  • Reliability
  • Personal suitability
  • Competency test
    The competency test can be taken:
    • with officially approved commercial providers,
    • at rifle associations (for their members),
    • as part of a hunting examination (for prospective hunters),
    • as part of a qualification test with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (if a weapons trading permit/weapons production permit was applied for).
  • Necessity according to weapons legislation
    Weapons Act (WaffG) §8, §14

Documents required

  • Application for an ammunition acquisition permit
    Can be completed online; or you can use the form.
    • Online processing: please keep all required documents and certificates ready for upload in PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG or DOCX format. The files should be named as follows: firstname_surname_description.pdf
    • As an alternative, you may submit the application by postal mail or e-mail: please post or email the signed application and all certificates and personal documents to the weapons authority of the Berlin police.
  • Identity card or passport
    As a photocopy or photograph
  • Proof of need
  • Proof of competence
    There is no separate proof of competence for ammunition acquisition permits. Anyone who as obtained a proof of competence, e.g. as a sports marksman, can use the corresponding certificate.
  • Certificate of safe storage
    The purchase receipt or a photo of the container must be presented as proof of legally compliant storage of the ammunition.
  • Any previous registered addresses
    If you lived outside Berlin in the past 5 years, please keep all addresses at hand as you will need to enter these in the application.


The application is subject to a fee. You will receive a notification of charges. Further processing will take place after receipt of payment. Up to 50% of the costs will be charged in the event of a negative decision.

  • EUR 56.00: ammunition acquisition permit for a natural person
  • EUR 304.00: ammunition acquisition permit for ammunition collectors or ammunition experts without an existing arms possession card in the same context
  • EUR 39.00: ammunition acquisition permit for ammunition collectors or ammunition experts with an existing arms possession card in the same context

Further charges after the permit has been granted
  • EUR 61.00: every three years, for regular reliability reviews
  • EUR 45.00: every five years, for verification of continued need

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