Weapons legislation – Applying for a weapons production permit

A weapons production permit is required if you are making, processing or repairing firearms or ammunition commercially or as a self-employed activity in the context of a business enterprise. If you do not plan to perform commercial weapons production activities, you need to apply for a non-commercial production permit. The weapons production permit can be limited to particular types of firearms and ammunition.

Holders of a weapons production permit are authorised to
  • entrust weapons to other weapons producers or weapons traders
  • and, provided that they are also registered as master gunsmiths in the register of craftspeople, to entrust weapons to consumers (a weapons trading permit is required otherwise).
The weapons production permit expires if the activity was not taken up within a year of the permit’s issuance or if the activity was not performed for a year. Deadlines may be extended if special reasons apply.
If the weapons production activities are to be carried out by a representative or if a person is instructed to manage a branch establishment or a dependent subsidiary, a separate representation permit must be applied for for such persons (see “More information”).


  • Production, processing, repair of firearms or ammunition
  • Minimum age: usually 25 years
    If a personal suitability certificate is presented the minimum age is 18 instead (§6 section 3 WaffG)
  • Reliability
  • Personal suitability
  • Expertise
    • Master craftsperson’s examination for the gunsmith trade
    • Or registration of a gunsmithy in the register of craftspeople
    • Or special permit for the gunsmith trade according to the Crafts Code: such exceptions apply for handling and repair of weapons acquired in connection with a weapons trading permit only. In such a case, weapons production must only be carried out as an auxiliary activity not requiring registration according to the Crafts Code.
    • Permit for commercial handling pursuant to §7 of the Explosives Act: for an ammunition production permit
  • Trade registration (Gewerbeanmeldung)
  • Suitable safe weapons storage facility
    The minimum standard for storage of weapons for which a licence is required by a weapons dealer is a class I safety cabinet. Additional safety measures may be determined from case to case.
  • Natural person or legal entity
    The permit can be issued for a natural person or a legal entity. The natural persons who are authorised to represent legal entities must provide evidence that they fulfil the requirements.

Documents required

  • Application for a commercial weapons production permit
    • Online processing: please keep all required documents and certificates ready for upload in PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG or DOCX format. The files should be named as follows: firstname_surname_description.pdf
    • As an alternative, you may submit the application by postal mail or e-mail: please post or email the signed application and all certificates and personal documents to the weapons authority of the Berlin police.
  • Application for a non-commercial weapons production permit
    Please submit your written application by email or postal mail, no particular formal requirements apply.
  • Identity card or passport
    As a photocopy or photograph
  • Residence permit that allows for self-employment
    For non-EU citizens
  • Trade registration (Gewerbeanmeldung)
    If available, can also be submitted at a later date.
  • Excerpt from the Trade Register
    For companies that are registered in the trade register.
  • Qualification certificate
  • Certificate of personal suitability (if you are under 25)
    You will be prompted to submit the certificate of personal suitability at a later date.
  • Certificate of safe storage
    You will be prompted to submit details of safe storage at a later date.
  • Any previous registered addresses
    If you lived outside Berlin in the past 5 years.
  • Declaration/consent of further responsible persons (submitted under separate cover)
    • If further responsible individuals are named, it is necessary for reasons related to data protection that these persons send their declaration of their suitability and consent to being named to the weapons authority in a separate email or letter.
    • Applicants will find the form for these declarations at the end of the online application form as a PDF document. Please download the form, print it and pass it on to the other responsible individuals so they can complete and send under separate cover.


The application is subject to a fee. You will receive a notification of charges. Further processing will take place after receipt of payment. Up to 50% of the costs will be charged in the event of a negative decision.

  • EUR 252.00 to EUR 1,111.00: depending on the scope of the application
Further charges after the permit has been granted
  • EUR 61.00: every three years, for regular reliability reviews
  • EUR 103.00: for weapons storage inspections
  • EUR 51.00: for weapons storage inspections if the inspection is repeated after less than three years

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The weapons production permit must be applied for with the competent weapons authority for the place of business.

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