Weapons legislation – Reporting transfer of weapons

Weapons/weapon parts and ammunition must only be handed over to authorised persons.

If you have transferred any firearms or weapon parts, you must inform the competent authority in writing (notification) within 14 days. In addition, the original arms possession card must be presented or mailed to the weapons authority within 14 days.

This rule also applies if you have a European Firearms Pass and would like to have weapons/weapon parts removed from it.


  • You have handed over weapons/weapon parts in your possession to somebody else.
    You have a registered weapon/weapon part for which a permit is required and have handed it over an authorised person/organisation.
  • 14-day period
    You must inform (written notification) the competent authority about the transfer of any weapons/weapon parts within 14 days. Delays in reporting may result in a fine.

Documents required

  • Notification of transfer of weapons/weapon parts
    Can be completed online; or you can use the form.
    • Online processing: please keep all required documents and certificates ready for upload in PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG or DOCX format. The files should be named as follows: firstname_surname_description.pdf
    • Submission of the application by postal mail or e-mail: please post or email the signed application and all certificates and personal documents to the weapons authority of the Berlin police.
    The application can only be sent or processed if all information and certificates are submitted.
  • Details of weapons/weapon parts at the time of transfer
    • Detailed weapon type classification
    • Calibre of the weapon
    • Manufacturer
    • Serial number
    • Model
    • Time of transfer
  • Details of the person/organisation acquiring the weapon
    You can transfer weapons to a person/organisation. You can distribute your weapons among multiple persons/organisations.
  • Identity card or passport
    As a photocopy or photograph
  • Arms possession card (original) and European Firearms Pass (original), if applicable
    You must present or mail your original arms possession card and if applicable the European Firearms Pass to the weapons authority within 14 days.
  • Proof of transfer (optional), if applicable
    Purchasing contract, deed of gift, etc.


Processing fees apply. You will receive a notification of charges. Processing will take place after receipt of payment.

  • EUR 25.00: per weapon/weapon part
  • None: if the weapon/weapon part was voluntarily surrendered to the police or weapons authority for destruction.
  • None: if the last weapon entered on a particular arms possession card was transferred so that the arms possession card is no longer valid and is retained.

Average time to process request

The weapons authority will contact the applicant without being prompted to do so.

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