Weapons legislation – Applying for an alarm gun licence

The alarm gun licence generally entitles its holder to carry concealed approved alarm, gas and signal weapons with the “PTB in a circle” approval mark of Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt outside enclosed property (e.g. outside your own apartment, garden, etc.), however, not at public events.

The licence is valid indefinitely. The alarm gun licence and a valid identity card or passport (identification requirement) must be carried along with the weapon.

It is not necessary to present the alarm, gas or signal weapons when applying for an alarm gun licence. Please refer to the “alarm gun licence information sheet” for further restrictions and explanations regarding the alarm gun licence.

No alarm gun licence is required for carrying approved irritant spray devices.
Please take note of the “Prevention advice regarding defensive weapons” before you decide to apply for an alarm gun licence.


Documents required

  • Application for an alarm gun licence
    Can be completed online; or you can use the form.
    • Online processing: please keep all required documents and certificates ready for upload in PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG or DOCX format. The files should be named as follows: firstname_surname_description.pdf
    • As an alternative, you may submit the application by postal mail or e-mail: please post or email the signed application and all certificates and personal documents to the weapons authority of the Berlin police.
  • Identity card or passport
    As a photocopy or photograph
  • Any previous registered addresses
    If you lived outside Berlin in the past 5 years, please keep all addresses at hand as you will need to enter these in the application.


The application is subject to a fee. You will receive a notification of charges. Further processing will take place after receipt of payment. Up to 50% of the costs will be charged in the event of a negative decision.

  • EUR 92.00: alarm gun licence
Further fees that are charged every three years after the licence has been granted
  • EUR 61.00: for regular reliability reviews

Average time to process request

After an application has been submitted, the weapons authority will contact the applicant without being prompted to do so.

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