Trade - Apply for an EU certificate under the Professional Qualifications Directive

If you want to provide certain services in another EU Member State or establish yourself there, you have to present, among other things, the so-called EU certificate in some Member States. With this certificate, you prove that you provide this service in Germany legally and on a permanent basis.

You can apply for an EU certificate at the competent office.
  1. You submit the application together with the required evidence.
  2. After examination by the competent authority, the EU certificate will be issued and sent to you by post, including an invoice.
  3. After receiving the certificate, you can use it for your application in the EU country.


  • Permanent establishment or temporary cross-border activity in another EU member state
  • Exercise of the profession in the past two years in Germany
    Information on the actual activity in Germany as a self-employed person, as the head of a company or a branch office, in a managerial position or as an employee.
  • If applicable, special requirements
    Special conditions may have to be observed in order to take up the service in another member state, e.g. recognition of professional qualifications.

Documents required

  • Application
    You can submit the application informally, but in text form, to the relevant chamber.
  • Identity document
    Copy of identity card or other official identification document with photo.
  • Proof of the specific activity exercised and its duration
    At least the last 2 years must be proven.
  • Training certificates
    Kopien von Zeugnissen, Diplomen, Zertifikaten oder anderen vergleichbaren Berufsqualifikationsnachweisen
  • If applicable, Confirmation of business registration
    if you are self-employed or self-employed persons
  • If applicable, extract from the commercial register
    if you are the head of a company or a branch office
  • If applicable, employment contract and reference
    if you work as a manager or as an employee


  • EUR 15.00: Certificate of the IHK-Berlin
  • EUR 25.00: Certificate of the HWK-Berlin

Average time to process request

Usually 2 - 4 weeks

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

Companies with their registered office in Berlin can apply for the EU certificate at the

  • Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • or the Berlin Chamber of Crafts (if you or your company is a member of the HWK).

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