Handicrafts - Individual information from the register of craftsmen, the list of crafts that do not require a licence and the list of trades similar to crafts

The Register of Crafts, the Register of Crafts that do not require a licence and the Register of Crafts Similar Trades are registers of all owners of a standing trade in the craft trades in the territory of the competent Chamber of Crafts.
All data recorded here also fulfil a public task. Anyone who can prove a justified interest will be given individual information from these registers on request.

Individual information provides the following information about a company:
  • Information on the company
  • First name and surname of the registered owner/trademan or the legal representative or the manager of the holding or the personally liable partner responsible for the technical management of the holding
  • Type of registered craft
  • Address of the commercial establishment.


  • Legitimate interest
    Anyone who pursues a legitimate business objective with the information - for example a supplier who wants to know who owns a company.
    Private individuals can also invoke the legitimate interest if they want to know more about a company, perhaps to place an order.
    Unless there is a legitimate interest of the data subject, the information is provided.
    However, the recipient of the information may only use this data for the purpose stated when making the application.

Documents required

  • Request for individual information according to § 6 sec. 2 HwO
    The application is informal and must be submitted in text form to the relevant Chamber of Trade. In addition to the details of the person requesting the information, the application must also contain details of the business (address, name) for which information is requested and substantiate the legitimate interest of the applicant.
    Verbal applications are not admissible.
  • Identity document
    Presentation of identity card or passport with confirmation of registration or residence permit or other comparable identity documents


  • EUR 10,00 per information
  • Fees are also incurred if the requested craft enterprise could not be identified (negative information).

Average time to process request

approx. 1 week

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

Applications for individual information from the Register of Crafts and Small Businesses must be submitted to the relevant Berlin Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Crafts.

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