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Am Standort kann bar und mit girocard (mit PIN) (ehemals EC-Karte) bezahlt werden.


Company Register Extract - written information

The Company Register is kept by Berlin’s Public Order Offices and pursuant to the Trade Regulations (GewO) it contains all registered companies and businesses with premises in the respective district of Berlin.
Public authorities and private individuals can submit a request to obtain an extract from the Company Register. The data subject does not have to approve of disclosure of their data.

The name of the company or tradesperson, the company address, and registered activities are publicly accessible. In Berlin these basic details are publicly available via the eInformation online database. (see more information)

Evidence of a legitimate interest (e.g. assertion of legal claims, credit approval for the business operator) must be provided for obtaining an extended Company Register excerpt containing further information (such as the home address, birth name, date of birth, etc.).

Third parties are not legally entitled to be informed of the data. The Company Register is not a public register (such as the Trade Register, the Register of Cooperatives, or the Register of Associations). The provision of information is at the discretion of the competent Public Order Office.
Extracts from the Company Register correspond to the information submitted to the Public Order Offices by the time the information was provided. The Public Order Offices shall assume no liability for the correctness and completeness of the information.


  • Evidence of legitimate interest
    For extended information beyond the basic data (company name, registered office address, commercial activities)

Documents required

  • Application
    Informally in text form containing the following details:
    • Name of the company or tradesperson
    • Most recent address you are aware of
    • Personal information about yourself
    • For extended sets of information: Evidence of a legitimate interest provided in the form of a description of the situation, and by including any existing documents (e.g. debt instruments, contract copies, invoices, etc.)
    • Please use the provided application template.
    • Applications submitted orally will not be accepted.


  • EUR 10.00 for each information - for the first to tenth person
  • EUR 5.00 - for each additional person

Fees also apply, if the requested company / business operator could not be found (negative result).

Average time to process request

approx. 1 week

More information

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The Company Register is kept by the Public Order Offices. It includes all companies and businesses whose premises are located in the respective district of Berlin. If you would like to obtain additional information about private individuals (e.g. current registered home address), you will have to apply for an extract from the Civil Register.

The data provided is updated on a daily basis. However, Berlin’s Public Order Offices can only provide commercial data that is reported by the companies. If individual businesses do not provide commercial notification, their details are obviously not included in the eInformation database. No information can be provided about businesses that have been de-registered for more than a year.


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