Recognising foreign professional qualifications - professional recognition

You have acquired your professional qualifications abroad and would like to work in your profession in Berlin? Depending on your profession you can or must seek recognition of your foreign qualification.

The Single Point of Contact Berlin (EA Berlin) has also been an advice and information centre for issues relating to professional recognition. (see more information)

Online processing

Service provided online


  • Professional qualification acquired abroad

Documents required

  • In most cases you will require the following documents:
    • Tabular list of your performed vocational education and occupational activities
    • Declaration of current place of residence
    • Proof of identity
    • Proof of qualifications acquired abroad
    • Proof of relevant work experience or other evidence of competence, if required for determining equivalence
    • Declaration of whether and to which body you have submitted applications for determination of equivalence in the past
    • Notification of determination of equivalence, if applicable

    Further documents may be required depending on the respective profession. Please contact the relevant body. Any documents must usually be presented in the original or as certified copies. Any documents must usually be presented in German. If documents are in another language, you may also need a translation performed by an officially authorised translator. Please contact the relevant body.


The cost of the procedure varies. It depends on the effort involved in each individual case and is based on the statutory regulations for the respective profession. The responsible body will establish and inform you about the exact individual costs.

There may be further costs (e.g. for translations and certifications or compensation measures). These costs vary individually.

Use of the information available on the online portal of the Single Point of Contact Berlin and the provision of oral, simple written and simple electronic information by the Single Point of Contact Berlin is free of charge.

Average time to process request

A decision is made within 3 months, provided that all required documents are submitted to the relevant body.

Responsible authorities

The “Recognition Finder” will help you find the relevant body that is in charge of recognising your professional qualification with just a few clicks. (see more information)
If you are unsure, please contact the Single Point of Contact Berlin].

You can also access this service online via the Business Portal of the Single Point of Contact.
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