Recognising foreign professional qualifications - professional recognition

You have acquired your professional qualifications abroad and you want to work in Berlin in your profession? Depending on your profession, you can or will have to recognize your foreign qualification.

Sie können diese Dienstleistung auch online in Anspruch nehmen

Online processing


  • Professional qualification acquired abroad
  • Original documents or a certified copy
  • Documents in German language (translation)
    If the documents are written in another language, you may also need a translation by a publicly appointed translator. Please contact the responsible office.

Documents required

  • The training courses you have completed and the jobs you have done
    tabular listing
  • Information about your current place of residence
  • Proof of identity
  • Training certificates acquired abroad
  • Evidence of relevant professional experience or other qualifications
    If they are required for the determination of equivalence
  • Declaration as to whether and to which office you have already applied for a determination of equivalence
  • If necessary, notification of determination of equivalence
  • If necessary, further documents
    Depending on the profession, additional documents may be required. Please contact the responsible office.


  • None: online portal and service of the Point of Single Contact Berlin
  • Different: depending on the effort and legal regulations for your profession
  • Additional costs: e.g. for translations, certifications, compensatory measures

Legal basis

Average time to process request

A decision is made within 3 months, provided that all required documents are submitted to the relevant office.

Diese Dienstleistung können Sie auch online über das des Einheitlichen Ansprechpartners erhalten.

Gewerbeservice online Einheitlicher Ansprechpartner Berlin

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

"Recognition Finder"

  • Find the office responsible for recognising your professional qualification. (see "More information")
Berlin Advice Hotline for the Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications
  • The Berlin Advice Hotline is available to international professionals who work or would like to work in Berlin. (see "More information")
Single Point of Contact Berlin
  • The Single Point of Contact Berlin is mainly available to professionals with professional qualifications from other EU countries. Many applications can be submitted online via the EA. The EA is also available to national and international professionals with general information and supports you in finding the competent recognition authority.

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