Company Register Extract - electronic eInformation

In Berlin, you can apply online for electronic information from the Berlin Trade Register about commercial enterprises registered in Berlin. An online service - the eInformation - is available to you for this purpose. You can use two different types of information:

1. simple eInformation:
In the simple eInformation you will only receive the basic data (name, business address and commercial activity) of the Berlin tradespeople. You can search these basic data independently in the eInformation free of charge and without prior registration. (see "Online processing")

2. extended eInformation:
Provided that you are regularly in the context of your activity:
  • as a fee-paying recipient of information such as lawyers, credit agencies, insurance companies, etc. or
  • as recipients of information exempt from charges, such as public authorities, public administrations, social insurance carriers, employment agencies, etc.)
If you need further information on further details (e.g. address of the apartment, name at birth, date of birth, ...) of the trader, you have to register once at the Ordnungsamt Mitte - Registrierungsstelle eAuskunft. In order to receive extended einformation, you must assert a legitimate interest in knowing this data.

The extended eInformation is only intended for the above-mentioned group of recipients. Should you require an extended eInformation only one-time or sporadically, please apply for it in writing via the service "Company register extract - written information" (see "Further information").

All offered data are daily updated. However, the Berlin public order offices can only provide the trade data that is also reported by the companies. If individual companies do not report their trade, their data can of course not be included in the eInformation. No more information can be provided on companies that have been deregistered for more than one year.

Sie können diese Dienstleistung auch online in Anspruch nehmen

Online processing


  • for basic eInformation
    No prerequisites necessary.
  • for regular extended eInformation
    • evidence or declaration of authorisation to obtain the data
    • registration application (one-time)
  • for one-time or sporadic extended eInformation
    no registration in eInformation possible (see "Further information")

Documents required

  • for basic eInformation
    no documentation required.
  • for regular extended eInformation
    one-time application for registration (see "Forms")
  • for one-time or sporadic extended eInformation
    (see "Further Information")


  • none: for a simple eInformation
  • EUR 5,00 per inquiry: for an extended eInformation
  • none: for an extended eInformation (as a free of charge information recipient)

Average time to process request

online immediately

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The eInformation is operated by the Senate Department for Economics. The trade data is provided by the 12 Berlin public order offices of the districts.

Public order office Mitte

  • For (one-time) registration and setup of an access for extended eInformation

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