Certification of tax-related matters - issuance (formerly referred to as clearance certificate) at the location Finanzamt Treptow-Köpenick

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Changes in opening hours

Die Berliner Finanzämter können - vorerst bis zum 31.12.2020 - die Öffnung für den Publikumsverkehr nur eingeschränkt in der Zeit von 08:00 Uhr bis 12:00 Uhr gewährleisten.

Für die Besucher/Besucherinnen besteht die Pflicht, während des gesamten Aufenthaltes im Finanzamt eine Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung zu tragen. Bitte bringen Sie auch einen eigenen Stift mit. Wir bitten Sie weiterhin vorranging über ELSTER Online, per E-Mail oder telefonisch Kontakt zum Finanzamt aufzunehmen.

Payment options

Payment only by debit card (Girocard) (with PIN) at this location.

Additional information

Die Zahlung von Steuern und Abgaben ist nur unbar durch Überweisung oder Einzahlung auf ein Konto des Finanzamts sowie mittels Hingabe/Übersendung von Schecks möglich. Verwaltungsgebühren können am Standort mit girocard (mit PIN) bezahlt werden.

Certification of tax-related matters - issuance (formerly referred to as clearance certificate)

Certification of tax-related matters is issued by the competent tax office upon application.

It is intended for presentation to authorities, as well as public and private customers.

The content of the certificate is limited to an objective statement of tax-related factors such as
• existing tax arrears,
• payment behaviour, or
• the taxpayer’s compliance with tax declaration duties.

The certificate refers to the current status at the time it is issued, and the applicant’s conduct in the past is also taken into account. Any judgement of the certified tax-related conduct shall be under the authority of the individual to whom it is presented by the taxpayer.

The certificate is sent only to the taxpayer or an authorised representative (e. g. managing director, executive).

The certificate is issued in a bi-lingual version comprising German and English.


  • No prerequisites

Documents required

  • Completed application


The applicable fee is EUR 17.90 per application. The fee must be paid on-site by EC card, or paid in advance by bank transfer.

If the certificate is issued for a purpose that is predominantly in the public interest (e. g. when applying for public contracts), this fee may be waived upon consideration by the tax office.

For this purpose it must be stated in the application, what is the purpose of the certificate and who it will be presented to. If no such information is included, it is assumed that fee obligations apply.

Responsible authority

Please note that the official language for all proceedings is German. We therefore ask you to submit any entries, notifications or applications in German only, to allow for them to be processed by the competent departments. These websites provided in English language are only intended for providing general information. They do not give rise to any legal right to handle processes in any other language.

Your competent tax office is responsible for issuing the certificate.