Craft - Approval for providing temporary cross-border services in the area of crafts requiring approval

Craftspeople from other member states of the European Union (EU) or another contracting member state of the European Economic Area (EEA) that would like to temporarily perform work in Germany must observe special regulations.
Citizens of one of the indicated states that do not have a commercial presence in their home country, may only perform temporary and occasional services in the area of a craft requiring approval, according to |attachment A of the Crafts Code (HwO) (see legal basis), under certain conditions.

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  • Citizenship in EU or EEA
    You are a citizen of an EU state or another contracting state of the European Economic Area agreement (EEA)
  • craft requiring approval, cross-border, temporary
    You are legally established in an EU/EEA state where you perform similar professional activities as those of a craft requiring approval pursuant to attachment A of the Crafts Code. You intend to provide temporary and occasional cross-border services in the area of a craft that requires approval in Berlin.

Documents required

  • Notification of temporary provision of services pursuant to § 9 EU/EEA Crafts Regulation
    • Required notification evidence and documents must be presented in the original or as certified copies.
    • After the documents have been reviewed, you will receive confirmation of receipt of notification of activities pursuant to the Crafts Code. The Chamber of Crafts will inform you, whether professional qualifications must be verified or whether you are allowed to take up the services immediately. Service providers wishing to work as chimney sweepers, optometrists, hearing aid specialists, orthopaedic shoemakers, orthopaedic technicians or dental technicians should expect that their qualifications will be reviewed.
    • The service provider must submit written notification and provide suitable documentation, if there are any significant changes to circumstances that have an impact on the conditions for service provision. In any other case, informal notification must be repeated every twelve months, for as long as the provision of services is intended.
  • Proof of citizenship
    valid personal document e.g. identity card or passport and registration certificate or residence permit or other suitable evidence
  • Proof of legal establishment
    Proof of legal establishment for performing the
    services in question in a member state of the EU or EEA
    that does not prohibit the performance of such activities.
  • Proof of professional qualification
    The proof of professional qualification must indicate that:
    • The acquired professional qualification is a condition for performing the professional activity in the country of origin or
    • relevant state-regulated training was performed in the country of origin or
    • the professional activities were performed for at least one year on a self-employed basis or with operational responsibility in the country or origin, within the past 10 years.
    Proof must be provided in the form of an EU certificate issued by the relevant EU authority in the EU country of origin.


  • EUR 280

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

Approval to provide temporary cross-border services in the area of a craft that requires approval must be reported to the local Chamber of Crafts. The Chamber of Crafts’ local responsibility is determined by the place where the services were performed for the first time.

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