Craft - registration in the Register of Trades Similar to Crafts

Any person who commences or terminates the independent operation of a trade similar to a craft as a standing trade shall immediately notify the Chamber of Crafts in whose chamber district his commercial establishment is located. In the case of legal entities, the names of the legal representatives shall also be notified, and in the case of partnerships, the names of the partners authorised to represent the entity shall be notified. A trade is a trade similar to a craft within the meaning of the Crafts Code if it is operated in a craft-related manner and is listed in Attachment B Section 2 of the Crafts Code (see legal bases).

After notification of the trade similar to a craft, the Chamber of Crafts issues a confirmation of entry in the list of trades exempt from registration and trades similar to crafts.

In order to be entered in the "Register of Owners of a Business of an Admission-Free Craft or a Trade Similar to a Craft", you do not need any proof of qualification or a master craftsman's title - unlike in the case of a craft that is subject to registration in the Register of Crafts.

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Documents required

  • Application for entry in the register of trades similar to crafts
    The Chamber of Crafts shall maintain a register in which the owners of a craft business that is exempt from registration or a trade similar to a craft are to be entered together with the trade they are operating.
  • Identity document
    Proof of identity card or passport with confirmation of registration or residence permit or other comparable identity documents


Entry in the register of trades similar to crafts:

  • From natural persons EUR 80.00
  • From legal entities 180.00 EUR
  • From other partnerships 140.00 EUR
If there are more than 2 partners, an additional half for each additional partner.
(More information under legal basis)

Responsible authorities

An entry in the Register of Trades Similar to Crafts must be applied for at the Chamber of Crafts (Handwerkskammer or HWK) responsible for the principal place of business. If this is not yet known, the entry can also be applied for at the Chamber of Crafts responsible for the applicant's place of residence.

You can also access this service online via the Business Portal of the Single Point of Contact.
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