Crafts - Authorisation to practise as a master craftsman with master-like knowledge in another craft requiring authorisation

If you are already entered in the register of craftsmen with a craft requiring a licence under Annex A of the Crafts Code (HwO) and you can prove master-like knowledge and skills in another craft requiring a licence, it is possible to apply for an authorisation to practise the other craft.

Once you have received the right to engage in craft activities, you can be entered in the craft register (see Further information) or you can take up a position as technical manager or technical operations manager in another company.


  • Entry in the register of craftsmen in a craft requiring authorisation
    You have to be registered as a master craftsman or master craftswoman or owner or manager of a craft requiring approval in Annex A of the Crafts Code.
  • Expertise in the crafts requiring approval
    An entitlement to exercise in accordance with § 7a HwO requires proof of master-like knowledge and skills in the relevant (partial) craft. Submitted training and work certificates and other proofs can be taken into consideration.
    If it is not possible to provide sufficient proof of qualification in this way, you can prove the required knowledge and skills in a competence examination. The examiner is appointed by the relevant Chamber of Crafts. The costs of the expertise examination are to be carried by you.

Documents required


EUR 280,00

Hinweise zur Zuständigkeit

The entitlement to exercise the right must be submitted to the Chamber of Crafts responsible for the commercial main branch. If this is not yet known, the registration can also be applied for at the Chamber of Crafts responsible for the applicant's place of residence.

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