Brexit – Online registration for British citizens living in Berlin

The Withdrawal Agreement has been ratified both by the United Kingdom and the EU. The United Kingdom has thus left the European Union with a deal on 31.01.2020.

  • Because the UK has left the EU under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement, for the purposes of residency law British citizens and their family members will continue to be treated during the transitional phase (scheduled to last until 31.12.2020) as though the United Kingdom were still a member of the EU.
  • You will therefore retain all your existing rights under free movement, for example the unlimited right to economic activity, the right to draw child benefit, and the right to apply for a public housing entitlement certificate (WBS).
British citizens who are either already living in Germany or who transfer their place of residency to Germany during the transitional period (by 31.12.2020) are to be issued with a document to prove their right of residency. This arrangement also applies to family members who are not British citizens. It is not yet clear what form this document will take. Neither is it clear whether a charge will be levied to obtain one (and if so, the level of the charge).

For British citizens as well as their family members with a different nationality
  • who are already residing in Berlin or
  • who transfer their place of residency to Berlin during the transitional period (by 31.12.2020),
the Berlin Immigration Office is offering a special service. You will be able to make an application for a residency title online by completing a form on the homepage of the Berlin Immigration Office.

Further information can be found on the homepage of the Berlin Immigration Office.


  • You are a British citizen or you are living together with a British family member
    Alongside your British citizenship, you also hold the citizenship of an EU member state, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland? In that case you do not need to make an application.
  • Main residence in Berlin
    If you do not live in Berlin, please consult the local Foreigners Registration Office in your place of residence.

Documents required

  • For the time being none
    The required documents will be communicated at a later date.


Online registration / application is free of charge.
Fees will be incurred at a later date when the Berlin Immigration Office processes your application. You will then be informed of the amount of the fee.

Average time to process request

In the coming months we will contact everyone who has registered via this online form and invite them to an appointment. We would ask for your patience during this process.

After completing your online registration you can save a copy of the confirmation and print it out. This confirmation serves as proof of your registration and your lawful residence in the territory of Germany.

Responsible authorities

Landesamt für Einwanderung (LEA)