Declaration of commitment for a long-term stay (national visa)

As a rule, a national visa for entry for a long-term stay (more than 90 stays) can only be issued if subsistence costs during the stay in the Federal Republic of Germany are assured.

If sufficient own funds cannot be proven when applying for a national visa at the German mission abroad (embassy or consulate general), persons living in Berlin with sufficient creditworthiness can make a declaration of commitment for the applicant at the Berlin Immigration Office.

The commitment includes bearing all subsistence costs. This includes for example the costs for housing or in the event of illness.

In addition, public funds for subsistence costs spent by an issuing authority (for example the Social Welfare office) must be reimbursed.

The declaration of commitment lasts for 5 years. This period starts with entry into the Federal Republic of Germany, if this is made possible by the declaration of commitment.

A declaration of commitment at the Berlin Immigration Office is only possible for certain long-term purposes of residence, for example studying or marriage.

Would you like to submit a declaration of commitment within the admission programm for Syrian and Iraqi refugees with relatives in Berlin? Then please refer to the "More information" section.


  • Application for a national visa fort a long stay
    An application for a national visa for long-term residence (more than 90 days) has been made or will soon be made at a German mission abroad (embassy, consulate).
  • Appointments by email or post
    Please make an appointment by:
    • email: B5@lea.berlin.de (attachments should only be sent in PDF format)
    • post: Landesamt Einwanderung, B 5, Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24, 13353 Berlin

    When contacting us please state the grounds for the Visa application (e.g. language course, intended marriage). Please also inform us of your current employment status (e.g. self-employed, employee, pensioner). With this information we can let you know which documents will be required. Only after receiving and verifying your
  • Creditworthiness
    You need to be in a financial position to bear the subsistence costs. The amount of the monthly minimum net income depends on your marital status and maintenance obligations resulting thereof as well as the purpose of residence applied for.

    For example, the minimum net income for a national visa is for a stay:
    • to visit a language course / school: 2,410 euro without any maintenance obligations / 3,340 euro with maintenance obligation for 1 person / 3,906 euro with maintenance obligation for 2 persons
    • to study / for a vocational training: 2,450 euro without any maintenance obligations / 3,400 euro with maintenance obligation for 1 person / 3,935 euro with maintenance obligation for 2 persons
    • for job search or a wedding: 2,590 euro without any maintenance obligations / 3,590 euro with maintenance obligation for 1 person / 4,029 euro with maintenance obligation for 2 persons

Documents required

  • Your German ID-Card (Personalausweis) oder passport
  • Passport copy of the person applying for a national visa
  • Information about marital status and existing maintenance obligations
    to spouses, life partners or minor children
  • Proof of creditworthiness
    for example the last 6 proofs of net income or employment contract
  • Completed form "Zusatzerklärung zur Verpflichtungserklärung"
  • Proof of main residence in Berlin
    Certificate of registration at the main residence or lease and written confirmation of occupancy from the landlord
  • More documents
    In individual cases further documents may be required


29.00 Euro

Average time to process request

As a rule, a declaration of commitment is made by prior appointment.

Responsible authorities

You can only make use of this service at the Berlin Immigration Office, at the location Keplerstraße.
Please make an appointment by email or post (see 'Prerequisites')

Landesamt für Einwanderung (LEA)